ACHING muscles- any input on what it could be?

So my muscles and joints hurt constantly all over my body- general weakness and achiness for the most part. But lately my muscles from my waist down are beginning to ache even more.

My feet are constantly cold and sweaty at the same time- very annoying. My doctors all tell me my circulation is fine. Thyroid leves are in range. A1C in the 6 range. Diet generally great. have had T1 for 20 years. I go to the gym a couple times a week to do cardio and weights- at the beginng of my workouts my muscles feel like i already did a hard workout- achy, no energy.

The achiness from my waist down is getting worse. could this be neuropathy??? what is the testing for neuropathy? i always pass the “toe prick test” at my endocrinologist with flying colors.

please give any insight or input you can! thanks!

how long has this been going on?

Do you take statins? Muscle weakness and pain is a side effect of statin medication, and can be potentially very dangerous, so if you’re on a statin for cholesterol I’d talk to your doctor ASAP.

Are you on statins ?

If your doctor did only TSH testing for thyroid levels, which is all most do, this is useless. The definitive tests are free T3 & free T4.

To add to what the others have suggested food allergies can cause the symptoms you describe, particularly gluten sensiitvity. There are usually gastric problems also.

my body started getting weak/fatigued back in 1998. Then it crashed in 2009 with major adrenal fatigue symptoms and at that point i was in a lot of pain. now i am feeling a little better but my legs hurt the most and seem to be achier than they were before. Either they are getting worse or I am noticing them now that my body is hurting a little less.

ive tried the low carb diets already- thanks!

no i dont but thanks!

Good question! yeah ive been to hell and back with the thyroid issues. tried armour and synthroid and feel bad with both of them. right now my TSH, free T3 and free T4 are in range

A range of things can cause muscle and joint achiness. Have you seen a neurologist?

no i havent- i just started looking into the possible cause of my symptoms and figured it could be the dreaded neuropathy- i’m thinking about going to my endo or internal dr but i’m hesitant because they might do the pin prick test, i’ll pass it like usual, and they’ll say nothing is wrong with me… what do you suggest?

Do you feel this pain and achiness when you are actually working out? Do these sensations seem to be less when you are moving? I have Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and a lot of what you are explaining is similar. The key for the diagnosis of RLS is that these sensations are better when physically moving your lower body. I was reading recently they are finding RLS is more common in PWD.
As to your question about how they test for neuropathy: the definitive test would be a nerve conduction study. When trying to find out what my RLS was I had one of these and boy do parts of that test hurt!

Are you receiving cortisol replacement therapy for the adrenals? Any corticosteroid use (prednisone, dexamethasone)? Birth control?

started birth control spring of 2010 but that’s all i take other than synthroid and novolog

hi! i feel it ALL of the time and when i work out my body lets me know it doesnt like it! What is PWD?? are you talking about the test where they stick needles in your muscles?? ive been researching a bunch today and it looks like they also have a test wehre they stick two leads on you and measure how fast the signals are sent between nerves. can you tell me more about RLS adn what causes it?

I just suggest you see someone and get a professional opinion. I’m a worry-wart. I have a cousin recently diagnosed with MS who had joint and muscle issues (pain) beforehand. So that’s where my thinking was going. I don’t want to scare you or suggest it’s something that serious though! I just think it might be time to see a neurologist who can look more in depth at the nerves in your legs/feet and maybe do an MRI.

PWD = people with diabetes ;0) – that’s us.

How’s your stress level? With a previous diagnosis of adrenal fatigue, I’d look at your general stress level.

I had a lot of crazy symptoms (weird pains, muscle spasms, insomnia, aching that never went away) during my last, very stressful work contract. Within two weeks after that job ended I felt SO much better – I kind of collapsed and slept a lot at odd hours after it was over, then I slowly got back on a more even keel. The stress was really doing a number on me.

Just a thought.

Like many other things the million dollar question with RLS is what causes it. The theory is there is some type of problem with dopamine in the brain.
It does not sound like it is RLS for you. The main feature of diagnosis of RLS is that you feel the need to move (for me the need comes with the pain) and movement HELPS. Once the movement stops it usually comes right back. Typically the symptoms are worse in the evening and especially at night around bed time.

Are your adrenals being monitored? Did you have Addison’s?