Muscle weakness in arms

Recently Ive been experiencing muscle weakness in both of my arms. I can only describe the feeling as I find it difficult/uncomfortable to get a firm grip with my hands when this happens. My joints are not hurting and I can move my arms but the muscles feel weak. It just comes suddenly and disappears within 30-60 minutes. Initially I thought it was related to a high BG reading but today I got it again and my reading was in range.

I googled and some articles say its related to diabetes and others say it’s related to overactive thyroids - and lucky me, i have both.

Has anyone else had similar symptoms? Is there anything to worry about?

In my opinion, your physician can guide you on this matter with detailed instructions. I read some articles online and found it is usually happening in thyroid disease and you didn’t discuss either it is myopathy in hypothyroidism or myopathy in hyperthyroidism. However, it will definitely take several weeks or time to get relief from this muscle weakness issue.

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If you take a statin, that can cause muscular weakness as well as pain.


You should def talk to your dr, but if it’s only your arms, I think thoracic outlet syndrome is more likely than any of the the systemic issues mentioned so far.

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Nope I don’t take that but good to know