Acidrock you can have both my pumps

no kidding, ha

Woke up at a 64 two glucose tablets, fell asleep and one hour later 91, phew, bad site, but…I have to figure out this new alarm warning that I cannot seem to shut down, it reminds you of a set change, guess I will have to read more of the INSTRUCTIONS.

LOL – I second that emotion!

Well, now there’s a happy thought. ;0)

We don’t need no stinkin’ positive thinkin’, or as I like to say, “I’m positive something is about to go terribly wrong.”


I’d rather be pessimistic and be pleasantly suprised than optimistic and disappointed.

This is why I always double my time estimates at work. I’d rather have them be happily surprised that it’s early than breathing fire because it’s late.

Well tonight I was still having alarms with my new pump and I read the instructions again still nothing showing on the screen to even indicate an alarm, but I keep hearing it.

I figured it out finally.

My old pump is in a box ready to be shipped out and I left the battery in it, so it was beeping, omg, I am truly losing it.

I did that once in China. I had gotten a backup pump from (then) Minimed, and put it in a drawer. Well, at night, something started beeping, and my roommate got very annoyed (she was actually annoyed at the world), and I searched and searched, and finally, after what seemed like forever, I opened the drawer, and there was the backup pump merrily beeping away. OOPS!!!

Eerily, I left the battery in my fried pump, which had escalated to the “oh no, it’s Darth Vader” R2D2 bleeping stage after about 45 min of being ignored (still button error message*) which the rep determined was the death knell of the pump. I got tired of listening to it so I put it in the freezer, where it also served as a “the freezer is open” alarm during the wild partying.

At some point, I said “enough” and took the battery out but was unable to resist the curious temptation to put it back in, which I did and, lo and behold, the error message changed to A21. I pushed some buttons, which worked but not perfectly, and it seemed ok, except it was very upset that the sensor was “lost” so it kept bleeping about that. Eventually, it recovered or thawed enough that I could get to the sensor menu and turned that off and it seemed to be working, I set it up and primed it but this was 10:00 Monday evening, I still wasn’t sure if the new pump would get there Tuesday morning or not but I chickened out b/c I didn’t want to use it and have it kill me because I put it in the freezer. I’m sure MiniMed will figure this out when they get it back, and send me a copy of their report? The buttons on the new pump work much better too.

Sounds like a story for THIS discussion!:

By the way, I always keep my pump on vibrate (I don’t like beeping in public). I suppose an added benefit is that I would know if my pump is alarming or if it’s something else.

Only time I had a site leak like that was when they tried to have me use 6 mm canulas instead of the 13 mm. The bolus was intradermal instead of SC and leaked out around the site. Same think happened with a skyrocketing BG after the meal because of no basal for 3 hours and no insulin for 40g of carbs.


Well, I’ve heard of Alzheimers’ patients putting hats in the freezer, but PUMPS??? Whatever in the world possessed you to do THAT??? LOL!!!

First, when I got home (having talked to the MM person and gotten the new one shipped…) it was still sweaty (this like 1/2 hour later so I figured that sweat might have leached under the thingy and that if it dried it might get better so I left it in the sun, w/ no battery. Then I put the battery in and took it out repeatedly. I’d love to let the MM people know about my “cure” but I am sure they’d go “sorry, your warranty is now void” or some garbage like that? Oh well…

The freezer??? haha

So you will be sending back a working pump to MM??

Well the buttons don’t exactly work “reliably”, like you have to push them repeatedly to make it work? (“oh, you have Type 1.5 button error…”) which is why I didn’t use it at night, when I discovered it had recovered. Part of me was like “N sucks” but I didn’t want to deal with it bleeping at me and waking me up to discover the button to turn the backlight on didn’t work or, of course, for it to kill me or anything like that, so I had a shot and woke up @ 129. I am going to put a note in that will say “please call me and tell me what was wrong with this so I don’t do it again…”

I did N for 35 years, surprised I am still around

I hated N it used to hit me like a ton of bricks. Plus they had me on 70/30 premixed my first year of college and my first year on insulin. I did NOT like it at all.

I did 70/30 when I first went on insulin, and could guarantee 2 hypos a day. One, I could prevent by snacking, but the one in the middle of the night was hell.

Then I went to N and R mixed according to need. The N STILL hit me at night, even with a snack. Now do you understand how much I like the pump? :slight_smile:

I agree TOTALLY. I went from premixed to MDI of ultralente and humalog. (AKA poor man’s pump) then finally got a pump! YAY! I love it.