Do you ever have "Diabetic Moment?"

To clarify the question, I was just thinking about those mornings where I am getting ready to eat breakfast and forget that I just set my pump on the counter while I was making breakfast and not realize it until I feel a tug and see it go swinging like a kid on a rope.

Have you had moments like this?

Although I always have my pump attached to me I do have moments of forgetfulness where I pause to remember what I’m doing.

I am not on a pump, but I cannot always remember if I have injected one insulin or not, or how much! Was doing small shots in several sites last night because I was very high - and forgot how much many I had taken - so came down with a rush and a bump!

I think because it is breakfast time and you have so many other things to think about - work, appointments, what to eat, snacks to organise … kids running riot? that you have just too much on your mind! I do not think it is a diabetic thing!

Gosh, I always thought of those as “Senior Moments.” Like when I pull out my pen to bolus, suddenly realizing that I have no more pen tips and I just sit pondering my own stupidity? Or when you put stuff on the roof while you load your stuff in the car and then see a cascade in the rear view mirror as your drive off? Nope, never happens to me.

My “diabetic/senior” moments sometimes consist of sticking the needle in and pressing the button on the pen and nothing happening, oops forget to dial up a dose. Or dialing up a dose, forgetting I’ve already primed and shooting 15u of lantus at the ceiling.

Oh yes, kiva! I also do that quite a lot! What to do? Leave the needle in and dial it up? Take needle out, change needle, do air shot, re insert needle? Mmmm. Conundrums.

I’m close to being qualified to use “senior moments” as an excuse, but unfortunately, anyone who has known me for awhile knows I’ve always had a really spacy side. My line (which you are free to borrow) is “all really smart people have a spacy side”

My favorite is when I detach my pump to change the set or take a bath, and then go ahead and use my remote to do a bolus. It’s never gotten as far as wondering why I’m so high, fortunately, I usually recognize my stupidity right away.

Whenever I drive, I always take my pump out of my bra or waistband and clip it to my seatbelt (because in both places I stash it, it always feels weird when I have my seatbelt on). Anyway, on more than one occasion recently, I have gone to get out of the car with my pump still clipped to my seatbelt. Ouch.

Yep how about putting it in your pocket only to feel a tug (b/c it fell out of your pocket and is almost on the floor???) I’ve been guilty of so many things. In fact my worse til this day is taking off the pump to take a shower and forgetting to hook it back up. Altho I’ve been pumping now for 23 years I STILL do that! LOL!

I had a butt pump site in last night, and whilse getting ready to use the restroom, forgot I put it there that very morning and went to pull down my undies and pulled the nice, new site out.

I often put my pump in the back pocket of my pants. Sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable sitting on the couch like that, so I will take it out and just put it on the couch next to me. I can’t count how many times I have forgotten that I did that, get up and feel a tug on my tubing. A few times my pump fell into the space between the cushions on the couch and then there was a real tug when I got up. That hurts a bit.

Even though I’ve done this only twice, I have forgotten to connect my pump after getting out of the shower in the morning, and left the house to find out that when trying to bolus for a meal, I didn’t have anything to bolus with!

If I remember where my pump is, it’s a miracle! But I have to admit I like the pump better than shots, because it will tell me whether I just bolused or not. And I don’t have to worry about which kind of insulin I just bolused, either. I am a professional airhead, and I really don’t know what I’d do without the pump!

yesterday I got out of the shower, got dressed, went downstairs and tested my BG before dinner. I have the ping with the meter remote and was about to eat dinner, so I punched in my carbs for a bolus. Then I realized that I had forgotten to reconnect my pump and it was still in my nightstand. I ran upstairs to hear it pumping. I was shocked that the remote was effective at such a distance! I had to wait for it to stop pumping, reconnect, and then re-deliver my bolus. When I look back at this, it is going to look like a mega-bolus!

Woops! Does that mean a wasted dose of insulin? I thought they were supposed to alarm when something is not connected. Not that I know. I cannot have one because I do not have the money!

Aha!! An advantage for the tubed pump WITH the CGM integrated with the pump. This could never have happened with a Medtronic! LOL!

I am on the pump but once in a while i sitch to shots just to give my pumps site places a spot… When im on the pump i sometimes forget to hook it up to me after i take a shower or i forget its hooked to me but not to mmy cloths and it ends up hitting something. When im on shots i sometimes forget if i did my lantus

It will alarm you if for some reason it tries pushing the insulin out and encounters resistance. Although that would be a nice feature there is no way for the pump to know if it is pushing the insulin out into the nightstand or into your body.

I’m on shots. After reading all this, yikes – pumps are more to handle! lol

But yeah, sometimes I give myself a lower or higher dose of Humalog than I wanted and it shows up later in readings or in the latter case, a hypo. This because I’m giving myself shots and space out when I’m doing it. But honestly, I’m usually already really fatigued and/or bg is too high when this tends to happen…

Normally I’m pretty good with basal insulin, I hope I more or less stay that way…

Boy…am I ever glad to know I’m not the only one who has a Senior/Diabetic or whatever you call it “moment”. I think it is amazing that all of us have done this at least once or twice and are still doing well in spite of ourselves :slight_smile: