Testing Apidra's action

I just started Apidra yesterday. Since I've heard it's faster than Humalog for some people, and Humalog is all I've known for the past 12 or so years (before that it was Toronto), I thought I should test how long it works for. I only started it today (yesterday posting this) and noticed that when I ate my 1.5 hour reading was excellent but at three and four hours I was high.

Here are the five-hour results of correcting a high 4.5 hours after last eating and with no insulin on board. I will have to do this again to confirm, but amazingly it appears Apidra has done most of its work by the two hour mark and is basically gone by three hours! If this repeats then that is incredibly fast (I had my IOB settings at 3.5 hours for Humalog) and I'll have to start using combo boluses more for foods, I think. It also didn't bring me down to my target of 5.5 so my correction ratio may need adjusting, but as I said, I will repeat the test first.

T-0:00 - 15.1 (272)
T-0:30 - 13.8 (248)
T-1:00 - 11.3 (203)
T-1:30 - 10.0 (180)
T-2:00 - 8.6 (155)
T-2:30 - 8.0 (144)
T-3:00 - 7.9 (142)
T-3:30 - 7.5 (135)
T-4:00 - 7.5 (135)
T-5:00 - 7.7 (139)

Even as fast as this seems compared to Humalog it's also amazing, looking at this, how "slow" fast-acting insulin is when you consider naturally-produced insulin that goes directly into the bloodstream would have corrected that reading in something like five minutes (if non-diabetics needed corrections, that is ...)!

I only saw this post today …have you done any more adjustments as you mentioned ?
I have my pump set for a 3 hour " active insulin time " .
It is not faster for me, but the postpandrial has so much improved . I give dual bolusses 99 percent of the time .I have a mental block in waiting for at least 15 min .before eating and am working on this .
I coasted very " flat " today till I had coffee this afternoon …ordered decaf …did I drink decaf is another question ? …by 5.40 pm I was sitting at 10.1(finger poke , correction by needle !!) , supper bolus and at 8 pm sensor at 5.0 …is now at 9.25 pm 5.9 ( and I have been on the phone instead of moving around a bit :frowning: