Actually Getting the New Pods!

Hey all,

Like I’m sure everyone else is, I am VERY stoked about the new pods finally being approved and ready to arrive! Now I have a few questions about what other people are doing at this point.

  • Have you called your distributor and asked them what the deal is? I haven’t done this yet, but I plan on it.

  • If so, how does it work? I’m about to finish my last box, and I’d rather not wait until April to get the new pods. Someone on here mentioned having them ship a month at a time - maybe this is a good option.

  • I don’t remember ever giving my email address to Insulet, and they said they would send out an email with details about transitioning when the time is right. I’m not totally sure I’ll actually be receiving this email, but in any case… has anyone talked to Insulet about how it’ll work? Their info is (understandably, but annoyingly) kind of vague at this point.


What I've read from Insulet is that they will contact you (you may just want to give them a ring and make sure they have an email contact for you). They are going to start phasing in the new system in late March/early April, based on some metrics they haven't really explained well. If you are still under warranty, you will get a replacement PDA. If not, you will have to purchase a new "unit".

You will have to wait until they've decided you're up for the udpated pda/pods. If you're on your last box, I would say go ahead and get another 3month supply. You'll definitely need it.

I actually couldnt care less about anything Insulet says they have done for us! They have been NOTHING but a nuisance in my life since I started on the "Pod" back in 2005. They are so disorganized that they have had me on the "auto-ship" program for the entire time I have used the product, I received a bill for all the merchandise that I did NOT WANT (I was so dissatisfied with my control on the Pod I finally decided to go back to MDI (sure, a little less "comfort" but at least I dont have to deal with a company that does not have any IDEA what they are doing with regard to customer service) and this mornomg I got a phone call from the company saying that I owed some unreal amount of money for pods they sent me before I requested to be removed from the auto ship and they had "on record" that I had only recently made that request. IN FACT, I had made that request over a year ago, and I am NOT WILLING to deal with a company that is this disorganized! And, as everyone knows...we are not liable to pay for stuff we did NOT order!

Not my experience. Sorry yours was bad. Oh well...

Sad to hear that, I have never had a problem at all.

Sorry I used up discussion space to vent, but, as one can easilhy see just by perusing "Terry's" recent discussion (Insulet has actually made diabetes a bigger part of my life) I am not alone in my dissatisfaction. I am truly glad for those of you that have never experienced any trouble with the company - and I hope it stays that way for you!!

I'm excited to try the new pods too! I plan to give Insulet a call to see how the roll out of the new pods will work. I'm not trusting that they will contact me, based on a recent experience with the rollout of Dexcom's newest product.

I use a Dexcom Seven+ and assumed I would be contacted by Dexcom about the new Gen 4 but never received any type of notification. When I called Dexcom, I found I was eligible for a free Gen 4.

I have found the Insulet customer service folks to be compassionate and caring, no matter what problem I've had or what time of the day or night I've called. I could not have asked for better service from Insulet thus far.

My experience with the new pods in the Netherlands if anyone is interested:
- excellent communication about the roll-out by the European distributor Ypsomed.
- the new PDM differs on minor points from the old one: it's black now :-)
- the real change is in the pod itself: much smaller so even more convenient to wear

Personally I think Insulet is doing a wonderful job in improving this remarkable piece of technology which helps me make life more easy and better.

In the Netherlands I got a letter from Ypsomed which stated a number of central cities, in which you could pickup your new PDM. You didn't even had to make an appointment. You just needed the letter.

But yeah if you can't make it for some reason they will ship it to you.

Here they started to give me 1 box of pods instead of 3 because of the awaitment of the new pods.

You will get a transition manual to input your basal programs into the new PDM. I took me some time to input everything into the new PDM.

They still use the same Freestyle strips.

When I got the new pods I took both PDM's did a reading on both the old and the new PDM with one drop of blood and got exactly the same results.

So that is going well. I know the PDM meter is close to the real thing because I've had checked mine in the lab and the tested one drop of blood in the lab with my Bayer Contour and the PDM. And the differences was on 3 to 4 mg/dl of the PDM compared to the lab results.

The Bayer Contour was way off (more than 30 mg/dl).

call support and give them your email address and updated home address info, they will send out a link to a support update, which we must do before we can get our shipment of new pods, I talked to support a couple days ago and they are not readily able to send the training link out yet, once you get the email, do the support training, and that should then get you the green light for your next shipment and updated controller and pods,

Cool, thanks for the advice. You called Insulet support?

Does the new OmniPod pumps read the Dexcom (CGM) Transmitter?? Sorry if I worded this funny, but I don't really know how. I realize that the OmniPod doesn't have a built in CGM but I heard that it would start reading the results of the Dexcom CGM is this the case? I don't want my son to have to carry around 2 things (he already has enough to lug around). I heard Medtronic pumps were going to read the Dexcom, but we don't want to worry about tubing. THANKS! :)

I had to call Omnipod Customer Support last night for 3 screaming pods during priming and they double checked my e-mail and physical address. Said the new pods would start shipping the end of February or first part of March and they would send an e-mail when they were ready to ship to me. Can't wait.

What is a screaming pod ... that really sounds scary! LOL We are thinking of starting my son on a pump and with all the negative things I've read about them I think we may stick with our MDI and just keep getting up throughout the night to check our son's levels.

Pumps definitely aren't for everyone, one of my close friends who is type 1 used a pump for a while and ended up going back to MDI. But, to me, I think it's the absolute best thing for diabetes. Yes, there are always going to be problems with anything - it's the nature of treating something like this - but for me, the benefits always end up outweighing the drawbacks.

These are my thoughts on the OmniPod in particular (I used a MM Paradigm before this): when it works, it's without a doubt the best thing to happen to diabetes management. Out of the way, convenient, and you even forget it's there due to the lack of tubing. When it doesn't work, it is very, very frustrating. Pod errors, bad absorption, blood/bruising - I've had it all, and you'll go through periods where for no reason you'll have way more problems in a way shorter period of time. It's bound to happen, and hopefully the new pods go through more stringent quality control and are perhaps designed a little better. But for me, because of the fact that when it's going smoothly it is a complete joy to use, I'm going to stick with it. I think it's the most innovative technology on the market right now.

We're so torn right now. Thanks for your input.

No problem! And if you have any more specific questions or concerns feel free to ask!

markeeezy's response was perfect. Plus, it's all in how you approach it. Pumps of any kind are not a perfect solution. But, can provide better control overall if used to the best of your abilities. Using a pump made me realize that I needed to put more effort into my diabetes, which was a good thing. And I've also seen many of the issues that many folks here see and complain highly about. None of those bad issues have been so bad that it's not worth pumping. I had my first occlusion (blockage of insulin delivery) this past weekend. I'm on my 10th month of using a pump so I'm not bothered by this occurance as a problem. My BG shot up to 470, even though I switched pods ASAP. So many variables, it hard to keep in line all the time. But I learned from it, and if it happens again I'll be more prepared to tackle this issue.

Bottom line: try it and see if it's good for you. Most think it is once they switch. Read a lot and ask a lot of questions, especially from your Doc.

I think markeeezy and Scott's responses are definitely spot on.

A pump is just a tool. It's how you utilize that it will make or break your idea of pumping. Like Scott and Mark, I feel that the pump has many pros and those definitely outweigh the cons.
I did shots for 8 or 8.5 years when I was first diagnosed. I switched to a MM pump for 5 or so years, and then to the pod and have been on it for just over 4. I love pumps, and the features of the pod mentioned earlier make it a great fit for my lifestyle (convenience, ease of use, 'forget it's there' mindset, etc). I have had a few times where I've been in a pinch and gone back to shots...even those short 24-48 hour time periods of shots have reminded me how vastly improved my management is when I use a pump. So for me it's a great piece of equipment that I'll definitely keep around!

And yes, bottom line is that you should try it out and see if it's a good fit for you!

Even with a pump you'll

keep getting up throughout the night to check your son's levels.

A pump doesn't lowers BG controls, it let you get better BG readings and gives more freedom from life habits