Apparently they use clay tablets at Insulet

I just hit my last box of pods. So I called to ask for them to send me some more. Well, I'm on the auto ship program (yay for me). Great can I get my pods now, please? No. You have to wait until the 25th SO CALL BACK THEN AND WE'LL BE ABLE TO PLACE YOUR ORDER.

Call next week? You can't flag me in your system -- because you asked my name and had all my information in front of you -- to put me in a qeue or something?

I'm pretty irked because the reason I'm calling for a refill now is because I've had a large number of pods go bad for one reason or another after their "24 hour or more" rule of thumb. The chick on the phone was absolutely silent when I said, "you're going to make me call back in a week?" Apparently, the answer is "yes" though she didn't have the guts to actually say the words. I did tell her that I thought this procedure kind of sucked.

Hmmmm. I wonder how the Jewel Pump is coming along. Seems Insulet needs a bit of competition to keep them honest. It's nice that they give a diabetic something else to have to carry around on our appointment schedule and something else to worry about.

So frustrating…I think we all have days when this burden goes from annoyance to PITA!!!

Make that major, royal, uber PITA!

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I’ll have mine with double turkey…sprouts…and cucumber :slight_smile: Seriously though…I keep telling them that I’ll call when I’m ready for a shipment…they keep sending them out when THEY please!

I appreciate the support. It irritated me immensly and the feeling I got from them was “so, what?” and it made me want the Jewel Pump that much more.

The PDM goes through batteries at a fantastically fast rate. I was told I’d get 3 weeks. That was a big lie. Replacing the batteries, paying the shipping so they can recycle the pods, and not replacing pods that go bad after more than 24 hours of wear are pretty good profit centers for them. I just don’t know how else I can thank them for making my life with diabetes that much easier. This of course puts the big lie to the “making diabetes a smaller part of your life” – altruism and customer service are dead.

I agree with Spooky. I also asked for a supervisor and the customer service rep connected me with a lady by the name of Janet Tedeschi, who I think is in Product Support. She was very helpful.

No. Way.
I literally had the EXACT SAME CONVERSATION! And today too!
I’m like (In my head…)
"HEY! Mr! I’m going to have to start taking LANTUS but the time you deliver these pods! You wouldn’t want me to enjoy my forced Pod Vacation too much now would you? Maybe if I get my Pods when I NEED them I won’t have to enjoy my time without them! What if I don’t feel like putting on another Pod… especially since I’ve been having occlusion after occlusion after PDM Reset after ‘I’m sorry, we can’t deliver all of your bolus’ after ‘oh, hey, sorry I tricked you into thinking I might actually stick to your body for more than 20 hours as a time, I’ll be going now…’

Needed to vent. I’m starting to think every little noise is my OmniPod alarm screeching away…

All better now…

Here’s what I’ve learned from the OmniPoder gang- they spend more time VERIFYING WHO I AM (name, address, etc… and you are???) than they do talking to ME. :slight_smile: I reported bleeding when I started out, because I ‘was’ and I ‘did’ and I got the old “we’ve never heard this happening to anyone EVER”. Well, just letting you guyzzz know because in case bleeding does happen with someone. Anyway, I’ve definitely felt like a number, a person that bought this thing, I’m on my own, blah, blah, blah. BUT- I will survive this and ROCK THIS POD, thanks to everyone at TuDiabetes. :slight_smile:

You are all making me laugh! I had a pod fall off this morning after a shower, and when I went to replace it, the next one failed during the priming stage! All this at 6 am when I was trying to get ready for work… Needless to say I was flustered and irritated. Then when I came home from work, I heard a beeping noise, which turned out to be the pod that fell off me this morning. I had no idea how to shut the thing off, since it was no longer in communication with the PDM. I have also been struggling to get these pods to stick for a full three days. I seems like when I started them in April, I had to pry them off after 3 days, taking skin with it. I don’t know what’s going on now. I also had to deal with customer service today, but luckily the issue was easy to resolve

It took Insulet almost a month after I got my initial set of pods to get started from Edge Park, to actually get my PDM to me! I was not happy with them. They, too, made me call back in order to process my shipping charge for the day it would go out. And it was still not here on time.

Aside from that, I am loving the OmniPod. Edge Park has so far been very good to work with for supply ordering.

I’m about to publish anti-OmniPod ads. I had to change the pod tonight. So I get started. I filled the new pump and it did it’s priming thing. THEN it started screeching. I used language that isn’t fit for civilized company. Then I decided that I had had enough. I called Product Support. I told her that after the maddening experience I had had with customer service today, I wasn’t going to let anything go from now on. I told her about the failure at priming. Then I told her really fragile these things were. Just barely knicking the pump on a corner or a doorway will make it screech. I’ve gone through at least 5 pods with this. One time I just tapped in on the top when someone asked me where it was.

She said, “even if we don’t replace them, you should call and let us know.” I told her that why should I bother calling them it it was not a productive call for me? I went and read her the lot numbers and the pod numbers for the ones that had failed within their “no more than 24 hour” policy. She asked how many pods I had left (7). She said, “Okay, I’ll get these replacements out to you tomorrow, you should have them in 3-5 days.” Then she has the unmitigated gall to say, “I’ll replace all five of these THIS TIME, I really should only replace the 3 you’ve given me.” Like she’s doing me a huge favor. I told her that it’s the least she could do since the OmniPod has such a high failure rate.

Thanks, hon. I certainly enjoy having my insurance company line your pockets. They LOVED my insurance because the contracted rate was so good. All I can say is 'you’re bloody welcome, now sod off."

Just to provide another perspective: I’ve called customer support dozens of times over the past 2.5 years and have NEVER had a rude or frustrating experience. Quite the contrary, as the representatives are usually very courteous even when the news is not good.
If you get a bad rep, hang up and call back, or ask to be transferred to another rep or a supervisor. For example, just last month I called to request a replacement PDM because mine had gotten damaged and the screen was dead.The rep was very polite in explaining that, according to their policy, the damage/failure wasn’t covered. She was very nice but explained that her hands were tied. I asked for a supervisor or manager, and she explained that she would flag the case for review and someone would get back to me. Well, a CS manager DID call me back less than 24 hours later; upon review, he agreed to replace my PDM at no cost. They didn’t HAVE to do that, but they did. That’s what I’d call EXCELLENT customer service!

If you’re not getting significantly less than 3 weeks out of your batteries, report that to them and request a replacement PDM (read the recent discussion here about batteries, too - it might be the Duracell problem mentioned there).

As for profit, do you really think that Insulet should just replace everyone’s pod that gets an occlusion after a day or more of usage? Do you think that’s a sustainable business model for them? Do you think they are even a profitable company? If so then you should check out their quarterly financial statements (they’re a public company so they have to make their financials public). Insulet, although improving revenue every quarter, is still not profitable; and I’m sure they’ve still not overcome the initial R&D investment (10s of millions of dollars) that made this technology possible in the first place.
Hey, I wasn’t crazy about the recycling fee either, but it’s something I choose to do and honestly the $8, three or four times a year, is neither making them any money nor something I miss in the least. Hell, most of us probably spend more than that a week at Starbucks or some other indulgence; I know I do.
Oh, and if you’re insurance plan has a health spending account option, you can apply the cost of batteries, alcohol swabs, etc. to that. Combined with co-pay and deductibles and over-the-counter meds, that stuff adds up.

Thanks, Eric. I just started the OmniPod about 3 weeks ago, after having been on MiniMed for 12 years. As I mentioned before the only frustrating thing I’ve run into so far is the initial shipping of my PDM from Insulet. I’m not entirely sure the rep knew what he was doing. I haven’t had any trouble with my pods or PDM so far and haven’t had a low battery warning yet, so hopefully I will have good luck with them like you have. Edge Park actually called me about reordering because they were concerned that I hadn’t placed another order yet. Is that where you get your pods too?

Thanks for the lecture. Much of your response to me was unnecessary. I found it somewhat offensive.

With the failure rate that I’ve had YES I expect them to replace them all. Your O2 tank doesn’t work, you’re going to take it back and get it replaced. From the chatter in the halls here, there’s an excessive failure rate on both PDMs and the pods themselves.

I do use my FSA for these kinds of things. With the crappy health insurance reform that we ended up with, they are going to cap the amount we can put in our FSAs at something like $2300 in 2014. I go through my whole $5,000 by October. I am not new to all of this. I do what I can to minimize my out of pocket expense. If I’m paying for DME, I expect it to be durable. I don’t use Duracell. Energizer. Keep 'em chilled too.

I signed up for the recycling program when I started this whole thing. I felt good and righteous about paying the $8 postage because at the time they were liberal in their replacement policy. I also get the business model and the profitability issue. Amazon just started making money. I’m sure that part of their business plan is to approach Medicare and get approved for that coverage. It would be foolish to think that they weren’t seeking every revenue stream they can. If the market feels that they are providing a valuable service, the customers are happy, and the customer base is steadily expanding, they will find shareholders and their stock will go up and they will have more capital. I’m well aware of what is required of a public company. If they maintain a good product, they will have thousands of loyal customers. I’m on the bus, but I have a right to criticize. I like the pod and I’ve been very lucky with my PDM. I had to return the first one because of faulty manufacture. But I plan on doing this for a long time and they are going to make a great deal of money off me. I wouldn’t have had to call to reorder if I didn’t have an excessive failure rate. Then they put the onus for my order back on me because it’s not convenient for them to deal with the insurance company. How about trying, “I’m sorry, it appears that we are unable to bill this through your insurance company until the 25th. What I will do is flag your account and we can put the order through for you then.” I work in a high-end service field. Making me call back in a week strikes me as just lazy.

My overall experience with the OmniPod has been outstanding. The representatives have all been extremely curteous. The only issue that I’ve had was shipping out pods early. Because of a scheduing issue with my endo, I had my first shipment more than a month before I actually began my first podding experience. Therefore, I’ve always had more than a little overlap in my supply of pods. But, hey, I guess it’s better to have too many than too few, huh?

I am constitutionally unable to give a false deadline – I work for lawyers and it really peeves me when I find out that the rush was an arbitrary deadline. I figure it must be my karmic wheel coming around and FedEx 2-day isn’t so bad. When they replaced my PDM they actually had the replacement delivered on a Saturday. I was incredibly impressed by that.

The only problem I’m having is the fact that I moved, so now it’s like going through the beginning process again… Hopefully my pods come soon but I have found exercise easier without it on. Why can’t they make it smaller before the other companies come out. I’m open to either, and bonded by my insurance, so whatever gets smaller and covered first I’m on it.

Also I don’t like the pdm, it’s a neat device but there are cellphones that can do more that cost less…my opinion

IMO the PDM is a good device and has tons of possibilities but it still has ‘quirks’ in it that need to be worked out. I just received my 5th PDM replacement because the other 4 all had the same problem - which happened to be the battery issue. None of the previous four customer service reps told me about the brand of battery being a problem until this last replacement.

In regard to battery brand - I was hoping to email Duracell customer service and see why their batteries are being made shorter. They don’t make it easy to contact them.

think Die Hard here
I give you the F D A

Getting new devices approved is going to be even more difficult now that they’re putting all infusion devices under more scrutiny.