Adhesive on Autosoft90 vs XC

Recently I switched to auto soft XC infusion sets. I now have irritation at the sites when I remove it after 3 days. I never had this problem with autosoft 90.
Has anyone experienced this problem?

I have used XCs for 2 years, and have not had this problem.

Did you call Tandem? Maybe they are aware of some bad lots, or something in adhesive has changed.

But would assume same adhesive in both 90s and XCs.

I use Medtronic quick sets, and I have to use barrier tape because I have such allergic reactions to most adhesives. IV3000 or Tegaderm work well for me. I put them on first, then insert my set through them.

Thank you.

Thank you. I was planning to call Tandem. Leaving golf course now. I have wondered if this new problem is heat related. It is so hot and humid here.