Tandem infusion set changes?

Has anyone heard anything about Tandem changing infusion sets or discontinuing some or something? I had been using the Autosoft XC sets, but when it was close to the time where it gets auto shipped Edgepark Pharmacy called me (complete polar opposite of regular Edgepark BTW) and said something about they were changing something about the sites I was using and wanted to make sure I had enough because they had to order the remaining stock from another location because they weren’t sure if the new ones would come in time. Said they had a different pharmacy code and stuff too. What they sent was just the regular Autosoft 90s though. I couldn’t find any info on the Tandem site or elsewhere, so it’s just kinda weird.

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I wonder was this in regards to the change in Luer Lock size?

I have been using Autosoft 90 for some time. This shipment, without asking for a change, I ended up with Autosoft XC.

While I haven’t opened the new boxes, I understand that the difference between the XC and the 90 is the the little “press-to-disconnect” latch on the XC is slightly smaller than that on the 90.

If I can find anything more definitive, I will post it. Here are pictures:




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I would love to know what the xc inserter is like. I’m always massively annoyed that the autosofts, and whatever name they go by under other brands, are rotated 90 degrees incorrectly in the inserter. It limits where I can apply them, since I need to be able to turn my wrist 90 degrees different to disconnect than the angle I held my wrist to apply it. Does the XC apply in such a way that the disconnect mechanism is aligned the same as the inserter trigger mechanism?

I may be of limited help because I have not used the Autosoft 90 or the XC infusion set but I have studied the instructions on Tandems site, I know that’s sort of like saying I stayed at a Holiday Inn express last night.

Here goes with what I have learned. The two sets are basically the same, so much the same that Tandem has not created a video for installing an Autosoft XC, they use the same video instructions as the Autosoft 90. Their written instruction say that there is a difference in the way they disconnect but I see no difference, both sets of instructions read the same, maybe I’m missing something.

These are the instruction For the Autosoft XC, notice that the video is for the Autosoft 90.

Yeah, that’s kinda why I was asking. I’m not sure if they really are the same, except how the disconnect is shaped, or if they’re just unpopular enough to not warrant their own tutorial.


Although I haven’t actually used my first XC … I still have 90s left … I did take one of each out of the box and looked at them carefully.

First, the actual inserters look identical. Second, on both of them the tubing appears to emerge directly over the top of one of the two “dimples” that your press to insert the infusion set. As a result, I believe that you DO have to rotate your wrist 90 degrees relative to the insertion position in order to release the tubing from the infusion set.

At least that’s the way it appears to me …


Thank you kindly for checking. I think this is a massively stupid design flaw. I wonder why they would bother to manufacture two nearly identical infusion sets?

And do 3 different colors for each. I’m sure that’s a great selling point.

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to reply to this yet.

So my question wasn’t so much about the difference between the 90s and the XCs as I have used both before. I usually use the XC, but this time they sent the 90s instead. My question was if they changed something about the sets, as the rep at the supplier said that they were “changing something” and that they would “have a new pharmacy code” and such. She had stated that she was going to get as much of the current ones I was using as she could to last until the new stuff is set up. I might just call them back and ask for more clarification as I feel like some details are missing here.