Adhesive on Dexcom G4

Hi everyone–I have been reading this discussion as well as every single discussion I can possibly find on the Internet. I was formerly on the Medtronic CGM and also the Dexcom 7 Plus. Both caused extreme irritation to me to the point of bloodiness when I finally took off the sensor and scratched the site where it had been placed. I could never wear them for the days they said you could wear them for, because of the extreme irritation. Went off the CGM for over 2 years and am now back on the G4. I have tried Skin prep, Tegaderm, IV3000, new skin liquid bandage and Johnson & Johnson tough pads. None of these has helped. I am desperate to stay on the CGM as I feel it gives invaluable information but Dexcom doesn’t seem to care about the fact that there are literally thousands who are bothered by the irritation they get from the adhesive on these sensors.
I will be seeing a dermatologist in a couple of weeks to see what can be done that I haven’t already done. Any suggestions you might be able to give would be so appreciated. I am so discouraged by this because I see that this problem is very prevalent and yet Dexcom doesn’t seem to be addressing this issue!

The adhesive is probably something Dexcom buy from another company. The priority with the adhesives is that they hold the device in place for a long time. Dexcom isn’t an adhesive or dressings manufacturer. It’s R&D concentrates on the devices.

Having said that, I have an OmniPod now & am awaiting a decision on funding for a G4. I have tried a range of sites & find that moisturising, then waiting 20 mins protects my sites.

Moisturing twice daily helps my skin recover from & prepare for sticking / removing pods.

I definitely do not scratch! Moisturising is better.

Hi Christie! I'm sorry to hear about your skin irritation! I had similar problems with the Omnipod and finally was able to make it manageable by having my doctor write me a prescription to change the Omnipod every two days rather than every three days.

I also use Bard barrier wipes before I put it on and Smith and Nephew Adhesive Remover to take them off.

Also - there are some sites I just can't wear the pod because the skin gets so irritated. Have you tried different locations to see if that makes a difference?

I hope you get some relief soon!

I thought lotions reduced the effectiveness of the adhesives. Is there a specific moisturizer you use?

I've tried pretty much everything Christie has tried, and then some, but am still getting some annoying irritation from the pods.

Thanks, Chandra. I have tried lotions but usually after I literally RIP the sensor off my skin because of extreme irritation. My doctor gave me some Hypafix yesterday and I put it on. So far, I am having not even the slightest itch from the sensor. Am keeping my fingers crossed because it is usually the second or third day of wearing the sensor when my skin suddenly starts getting hypersensitive. That would be today or tomorrow. If it does well, I will be eternally grateful for his recommendation.

I have used both Bard barrier wipes and two different wipes by Smith & Nephew, neither of which has really helped. Thanks for the suggestions, though.

I am so sorry, indolent. When I saw my doctor 2 days ago, he gave me some different tape called Hypafix. He said he would call me with the name of a wipe he has used before, but he hasn’t called yet. (He has type 1 too and uses a pump and the Dexcom CGM just like me.)

I will be sure to post whether or not the Hypafix works and if he tells me the specific name of the wipe, I can also let you know. Hang tough–these d$!@#*!! adhesives on the CGM’s!

Hey Belinda–

I have tried with all my might to keep from scratching the site where the sensor is but something is irritating the heck out of my overly sensitive skin! It is the worst itching out there, truly!

I have always had really dry skin on my feet and have had to moisturize them for decades now, but haven’t gone beyond my hands, legs and feet before. Maybe I just need to do all over body moisturization. I have a family tendency for dry skin but am starting to realize that diabetes is a risk factor for extremely dry skin. I see a lot of folks messaging about the irritation of skin by sensors.

Do you put the Hypafix on your skin and then the omnipod on the hypafix? I would love to know if it works!