Dexcom G6 skin irritation

My last 4-5 sensors have left my skin terribly irritated to almost the point of the skin breaking down. Anyone else experiencing this? Did they change adhesives?

@Mark6, I had skin irritation issues with OmniPod. Someone on this forum recommended Flonase and it really worked. I used Flonase a couple of times and the rash was gone for good. It was so bad before that I thought I was doomed to stop pumping. I don’t think Insulet changed anything. My skin just decided to dislike OmniPod.

Yes, Dexcom did change the adhesive a while back and soon thereafter realized that it was causing a reaction in a lot of people. They either changed it back to the old adhesive or changed to another adhesive which seems to be okay but some of the bad sensors are still around. Spray Flonase on the area where you are going to place the sensor and let dry and proceed with insertion as normal.

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My last two did this to me. Its super unusual for me. I don’t know why this happened. I quit using it for a bit. I just put on another and it seems better. I don’t know why this pops up from time to time.

Kinda weird but this is me also. I have never had any issues and than my Dexcom became itchy before I removed it and afterwards was super bumpy! So I was ready to try the allergy spray but my last two were back to normal. But my last one was bumpy again after removing. Really not sure why because I have my sensors in date rotation so not sure how this bumpy one got in there when the 3 before were ok. I guess when this current one comes off, I will see if I am now going to be one of those who has to spray before insertion.

@Sally7, I didn’t use Flonase just before insertion. I applied Flonase when the skin was red. I figured the longer Flonase has time to work the better.

My Dexcom rep says they didn´t change the forumula for the adhesive just tweaked it to be able to stick 10 days vs 7 days.

My reactions are really bad and the only thing I´ve found that works without me ripping the Dexcom off beacuse of crazy itching is “DuoDerm Extra Thin with Hydrocolloid Dressing”. I just cut it in half and use it underneath my Dexcom.

My contact allergy from Dexcom G6 without Duoderm looks like this:

I have reactions from both infusion sets and Dexcom. I have tried everything under the sun and nothing works. It is weird because for most of my life my pump sites didn’t itch or irritate me, but those were also the Disetronic/Roche/Accu-Chek ones.

I also tried the DuoDerm hydrocolloid dressings and they gave me the worst reaction of anything. I had a huge itchy red area even worse than the picture above for about 2 weeks.

Now my dermatologist has just prescribed me triamcinalone cream to help the irritations heal after removing the sensor or site. Not ideal, but it helps them heal up faster so that by time my rotation gets back to the area it has healed up.

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