Having a hard time with adhesive

It have tried the tegaderm but it pulls away also. I just put a new sencor on and it’s not sticking from the get go so I put one piece of tegaderm on it pulled away in the same spot so I put another one on top of that farther out. I have not even had it on two hours and it may be coming off. Feeling frustrated because I love having it . Any helpful hints or anyone having simailer issues. Thanks.

Hi Hummingbird,

I've had issues with various adhesives not sticking long enough, including the Dexcom sensor. Make sure you're putting it on clean, dry skin. I also use Skin Tac (a liquid adhesive) before applying the sensor. You put it on the area (of your skin) that the sensor adhesive will go, let dry, then apply the sensor. It works well for me. By the end of two weeks, I usually only notice slight unsticking at the edges of the sensor adhesive.

I use Skin Tac wipes on the sensor adhesive, after I peel the backing off. I wipe it all around the edges of the sensor, not putting any on the center where the needle is going to go. Then after I put the sensor on, I use a large sheet of Tegaderm (the 4"x4.75" sheet) with a hole cut in the center and put it on over. I also make sure to clean my skin off with alcohol beforehand, as body oil and lotion residue can make it less sticky.

I was having trouble keeping the sensor on until I switched to the large Tegaderm sheets, when I used the smaller pieces just stuck around the sensor they kept peeling off. I wear my Dexcom on the lower back/love handle area and with this method, they easily survive a two week wearing, even though it gets rubbed by my pants waistband. In fact, sometimes after the first week, the Tegaderm looks a little raggedy, which annoys me, so I can peel it off, leaving the Dexcom's adhesive intact, and then put on a fresh Tegaderm sheet.

I use the 4 x 43/4 Iv3000 and cover the whole area. It seems to keep the sensor in place and it goes thru a couple showers a day. New sensors will only stick for me a couple days. I tried cutting a sensor hole in the iv 3000, but the sensor itself is not sticking to my skin, so it was not lasting a week. So I tried covering the whole area. This is my 3rd week with 1 sensor. When it is time weekly to reset, I take the transmitter off clean front and back with alcohol. Then apply a new IV3000. The cost of the 3000's are not cheap, but less expensive than the sensor. Good luck, The Dexcom changed my life.
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Thanks everyone . I’ll go get some skin tac tonight and try a new spot . I’ll call dexcom and tell them it didn’t stick and get another ASAP from them. I have gotten so used to having it I want to be working 100% all the time I get a little freaked out when I don’t have it . As for putting it on around your back side a little do you have someone put it on for you or are you able to get it on by yourself

I am able to do mine myself. I like it where it's kind of on the diagonal, in that it isn't quite on my side, but not quite on my back, either. I have put it more toward my back before, and had my husband help me, but I didn't really like it that far back and I am too much of a control freak to be comfortable with him doing it for me, LOL.

I only use my belly in different locations. I use other places for my infusions. I am old and can't reach as I did many years ago. lol

Hi Hummingbird,

I use Opsite Flexfix. It's cheaper than Tegaderm. I've been using if for about 2 years now I think. Easy to find on Amazon. I always make sure to shave the hair off in the area I will be applying it. Use an alcohol swap to clean the area. Then I put the Dexcom Sensor on. After that I cut off the roll the size I need. Cut a hole that just fits over the sensor. Then I'm usually good for the week. It does sometimes start to peal up at the edges after a few days. But it usually stays in place well But I'm a heavy sweater so when working out I might have to replace it once or twice during the week. So far I've been really happy with the product and also use it for my insets as well.

We were having the same issues with my 3 year old son and we like everyone else that has responded use Skin Tac (we use the wipes. We also have noticed it last longer if we put it on his backside.

The only issue we have now is he is getting a rash where the adhesive is...Nothing is easy with this disease

Good Luck

Ya I hear you on the control thing. I’m having a hard day. The dexcom came off so I’m solo for the day because I can’t get home to get another . So finger stabbing will begin . I’m going to get the skin tac and try a little higher up on my belly away from the little muffin top. Thanks for the info


I’ll try getting some of that. Ya the active sweater is me also snowshoeing and hiking don’t seem to help. I have gotten 10 day out of some with no extra stuff to keep it on then sometimes it just won’t stick at all . Thanks for the info.

In my early years, and on MDI I could spin around and give shots in my bum. No so much any more... ;)

Scott, I remember doing that. Yep 50 yrs of diabetes, and getting old has taken a toll on my reaching ability. Just thankful I am still kickin'

Thanks everyone for the info. Had to change my pod today and used the skin tac… That stuff is great I’m feeling very confident this is going to work wonderful.