Can someone explain how to put the tegaderm on... and or what tape is best to use for sensors peeling up. Will the added tape remain waterproof? or will it hold moisture? I am only on day 2 of my fourth sensor, and it is coming off. I have only had one sensor work for the full 7 days...I am looking to extend the life span, what the heck am I doing wrong?

I put the tegaderm on over the whole sensor. I peel off the back, exposing the sticky side, pretty much center it over the transmitter, perhaps offsetting it a little up or down to make sure there is enough adhering to bare skin, and stick it down. Then peel off the surrounding paper. It seems to work for me to hold it on for 2 weeks.

Tegaderm keeps water out, but allows the skin to breath so it doesn't get all yucky underneath.

I use opsite flexifix, like tegederm but on a roll. It is waterproof. I use an old sensor that I have removed the white adhesive tape as a template to draw an outline a little bigger than the sensor and then cut a hole for the sensor.
Then I put the sensor on, insert the wire and put the film over that with the sensor sticking through the hole. This lets the fabric tape part dry out and the transmitter dry out.
The tape and flexifix lasts for at least 3 weeks, though for me that is about how long a sensor lasts, I do restart every week of course.

I use Opsite Flexifix as well. The stuff lasts forever. It's available on line in rolls. I cut 4 strips and stick them around the edges. It seems expensive but lasts a good year.

Me too Brian. I love the opsite fixiflex (American Diabetes Warehouse....GOOGLE it) The roll was $30 but it is lasting forever. LOL. I cut a small oval out even tho I think I can cover the whole sensor w/o issue. I am lasting 3 weeks too w/weekly restarts. I even put the tape on when I started the last new sensor. Working out great. Totally waterproof and flexible. Love it.

ihands? What are those?

That is when the sensor starts messing up when the adhesive weakens and the cannula shifts. The opsite keeps it firmly on there. I even taped it down when I ast changed my sensor and did not wait for the adhesive to weaken on the sensor.

I should have emphasized that I too put the flexifix on when I insert the sensor, it helps protect the edges of cloth tape that is attached to the sensor.
I hadn't thought that it might help the sensor stay more stable and because of that it lasts longer, but, it makes sense.

I think it does anchor it better. I really hate putting in new sensors but am getting much better from the beginning when I once had to walk around w/the whole shebang hanging off me cause I couldn't get the insertor off! Or I would tear off the little tab thing and have to call DEXCOM cause I couldn't get the durn transmitter into the sensor. LOL. Growing pains. Love my Dexie now.

Have you tried doing good prep on site before applying the sensor? I had been trying to figure out exactly what you are going through...what tape, how to tape, etc. Then I found some IV Prep packets and used them to really clean the site well before putting it on and found that it stuck much, much better. I am still occasionally using a bit of over the counter paper first aid tape (which isn't as cheap as you would think) in the second week of use sometimes...but sometimes I dont even need that. Worth a try.

Yes I heard that lotions and other products you might put on your skin...even some soaps... can cause adhesion problems. Luckily mine always stick.

If you clean the site with an alcohol swab first it should remove the natural oils and any lotion. This may cause skin irritation. The other option is to wash the area with soap(or apply the pod after a shower).

Thank you everyone! I am placing an order for Flexifix ASAP :0)

Be sure to order the 4 inch wide kind. It covers the entire sensor. Mine is on for the 2nd week.Looks wrinkly but still holding down the sensor. Last sensor lasted 3 weeks and only came off as I was trying to change the old flexfix for a new piece. Probably should just slap on a new piece on top! Good luck. I know you'll love your Dexie like I do.

I clean the area with antibacterial soap, then put on skintac, leaving a circular area a little bigger than the part of the sensor not covered in tape. Let it sit for 5 mins then I slap it on carefully and then tape over it. The skintac helps hold it in place no matter how crappy the tape I end up using is.

That's a smart little system you have there...

Done! Thanks.

Placed my order for flexfix, and ordered some skin-tac to go with it. I was able to shower, then prep the sight with the skin-tac (4oz. bottle with applicator), then placed the flexfix(i am alergic to the Dexcom adhesive), then placed the sensor. Went smooth as silk:) The flexfix and skin-tac shipped in two days from American Diabetes Wholesale, in Pompano Beach Florida.

i use skin tac to keep my pods and sensors on. apply before pod or sensor, no problems

I’ll second ADW. I had almost the same order. I just added some of the adhesive remover wipes. Cheapest prices by far and shipped very quickly.

I’ve used the same advice others have given and pretty much follow the same regimen. Good wipe with alcohol, apply the sensor and cover with flexfix. I just like to use the adhesive remover to get the skintac residue off after applying the flexfix. I usually apply the skintac a little wide to make sure I get good adhesion on the edges of the flexfix.