Techie folks and other: My HMO is requiring pumpers to use this product instead of Novolog or Humalog. I know it is a Lispro…does anyone know if it has the exact makeup as Humalog? I have a severe Humalog allergy and dont want to necessarily try this unless it might just be ok. I dont mean I will stop breathing or anything…but huge red blotches at the infusion site were the result of any Humalog infusion.


I do not recall if you are on a pump and if so which one? If so, is that an FDA approved for your pump?

Not that you MUST use an FDA approved insulin in your pump, but I am pretty sure an insurance company can NOT MANDATE that you use an insulin in your pump which very specifically is NOT fda approved for that pump.

Omnipod. The darn BCBS Medicaid program does not have any other pump insulins on the formulary. Not one other product but they will cover this new one.???

Admelog is marketed by Sanofi?

What appears to be the official website for Admelog states the following:

ADMELOG is an insulin lispro with an amino acid sequence identical to Humalog

The FDA approval for Omnipod appears to approve the following insulins for use in the Omnipod system:
Apidra U-100

Admelog is (I guess?) a "bio-similar) for Humalog? Does that mean it is automatically provided FDA approval for the Omnipod system?

Maybe a call to Omnipod Customer Support and ask them about this.

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I was on hold with Sanofi. They put me on hold and did not come back. I did not see identical. Thanks for letting me know! Will call Insulet and maybe the pharmacy.