Best Type of Insulin for Pods

What type of insulin do you all use? Has anyone switched while on the pod and found different results? As a current MM user (who is inching closer to switching to pods) I am currently on Novolog as I found Humalog clogged too often in the tubing and canula. Anyone experienced any similar results on the pod?

I use Novolog in the Pod, works perfectly!

I used Humilog in pens since they came out (40+ year type 1...) I used Novolog in pens for a short while due to insurance, but when I switched to using Omnipod pumps I went back to Humilog. I seem to be able to keep control better with Humilog. I have not seen any pumping issues with it.

I have used both humalog and apidra in my pods. Both seem to work well for me.

I started on the pods last month, switching from the Animas Ping. I use Apidra in the pods, same as the Ping. It's working well and I've only changed out one pod early due to suspected absorption issue. I'm not sure if the cannula occluded or bended or if I was just in a bad spot for good absorption.

I switched from Novolog to Apidra a few years back as I was getting allergic reactions at the infusion site -- pump bumps. After three days the site would be red and swollen and would take a week or more to resolve after I moved the site.

Thank you everyone! My insurance considers Humalog a tier 1 drug (and thus, my copay is nonexistent after an initial $50 payment). I stopped using Humalog on the MM pump due to occlusions and switched to Novolog which is a tier 3 drug and much more expensive. Occlusions aside, I found little difference in my bs response to either. The ability to switch back to Humalog will offset the added cost of the pods. Just one more reason for me to make the switch!

I've been using Apidra for about 4 years. Never a problem.

You gotta wonder if there is some kind of under-the-table stuff going one between drug makers and insurance companies. When I switched from Humilog to Novalog it was for the same Tier 1/Tier 2 problem, but the other way around. Humilog was more expensive for a while for me. Now my current insurance carrier sees them as the same. Go figure.

I switched from Apidra to Novolog after 3 1/2 years because I would get "highs" after the 2d day. I discovered that both Apidra and Humalog state that their insulins should be changed in the "reservoir" at least every 48 hours. Novolog has a reservoir life of 6 days. The 3d day highs have gone away. Hope this helps