Which insulin are you using on the pump?

I’ve been pumping for 8 years now and have had diabetes for 20 years. I’ve mostly been using Apidra (even when on manual injections). I haven’t heard much on advancement on insulin, apidra seems to be the “newest” of them all but it’s been out for a long time. I’ve also been advised (not sure whether it’s true) that it is also the quickest short acting insulin on the market.

I want to know what others are using for insulin in their pumps.

I’m on Fiasp. I changed from Novolog.

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which pump do you have?

I’m currently on the Medtronic but looking to go tandem. Does it matter with insulin?

DonR, I am on the OmniPod DASH. I just started it about 2 weeks ago. I was on the Medtronic 630G

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@Tedos - I don’t think pump matters. I wanted to go from Medtronic to Tslim but because I’m still under warranty with Medtronic I wasn’t able to. Then I found out OmniPod Dash doesn’t go through durable medical equipment on insurance. Instead it uses pharmacy benefits and I would be able to switch and not have to be attached to anything. I don’t have to disconnect to shower or swim, etc. I’m LOVING my Omnipod!!

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Humalog is what i have always used. It works great.

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Novolog, will be on it for good.

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Fiasp in my 670G for about a year. Seems quicker than when using NovoLog.

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Humalog but lately I’ve been getting bad, red welts where I remove the OmniPod. So I tried Fiasp but it did not work well for me. It almost had no effect on my BGs! I switched back to Humalog after a few months of Fiasp, and BGs were back in range. I am testing Novolog right now. So far so good. I’ll need to go through authorization though to get it switched with my insurance so will need to wait for my next appt to ask my Dr for the authorization. In the mean time, I’ll need to switch back to Humalog… sigh.

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I’m back on Humalog after an incident last year where I convinced my Endo to let me try Fiasp (very fast acting). I had EMS come twice for a little visit to bring me back to life. When my Dexcom blared its annoying voice as alarm, twice, it was already too late.
It works way too fast.
I highly DO NOT recommend.

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I’m on humalog on a tandem pump works ok but I would prefer it to work faster. Only novolog and humalog are technically approved for tandem however I know lots of people pump other insulin’s.

Are you aware of new products to raise bg (if not unconscious)?

Basqimi is a nasal dose


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I read on another thread someone in fiasp had the same thing happened (it could have been you if you mentioned it in another post since the situation was very similar - I just remember reading about it). Edit: it probably was you and it was your post in this thread​:sweat_smile:, I just noticed your post was from June which is when I would have read it.:woman_facepalming:t2:

Did you not get any symptoms start to appear when you get low?

I have been using Fiasp in my Medtronic 670G for about 9 months without experiencing any issues with sudden lows. However, When I Bolus for breakfast at 9 am, I usually go high (245) around 1 pm and then get a low alarm around 2 pm which I reverse by eating a Dannen low fat yogurt. Other than that, no significant lows.

@Don1942 How much insulin are you bolus’ing to correct this 1PM high Don?

Even on the best of days I don’t think I could go from 245 to under 70 in 60 minutes, unless you already have a boatload of IOB.

Up until a week ago I also was using Fiasp (pump) and respect the fact that there is no faster acting insulin on the market (with the possible exception of Lilly’s Lyumjev, which isn’t available in Canada).

No correction Bolus. However, the time frame is more likely at least two hours between high and low.

I have used novolog in pump for about 25 years. A short time on humalog when insurance changed.

When I first started, used Regular, since current “logs” weren’t available.

Just finished using 4 vials of Lyumjev in a row (all samples from my endo). My experience is that it is worlds better than any of the other insulins I use (including, in order of best to less good, Fiasp, Humalog, and Novolog). I plan to change to Lyumjev permanently, once I get Medicare Part B to cover it (insulin pump). Until then, my endo has offered to continue providing Lyumjev samples. I’ve sent a request to Medicare about the Part B issue, and I told Walgreens just today to go to battle with Medicare. They made the mistake of telling me that they had to fight tooth and nail to get Fiasp covered. I told them to call out the troops again for Lyumjev.

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My daughter is using NovoRapid (ie. NovoLog) in a t:slim