Adventures in Hospitalland

Some of you may know that I was in the hospital last week for a case of cellulitis. I came home on Friday and am recovering. As we all know, hospitals are not good places for diabetics. My husband took me to the ER ( which my PCP doctor said to do.) Suspecting that I would be admitted for treatment of IV antibiotics, I took along with me my meter and my insulin vial and syringe. In the ER they confirmed that I had cellulitis and, yes I would be admitted. I told every medical professional that came to question me that I was a T-1 diabetic. They all said that they knew. While waiting in the ER, I was brought lunch. It was not too bad. A turkey sandwich and apple sauce and coffee. I checked my BG and took appropriate insulin to cover the carbs. No one came to ask to take my BG or offer any insulin. I waited the rest of the afternoon, checked my BG again. As it got toward dinner time, they brought me dinner. It was not something I could eat so I asked for something else. I checked my BG and took insulin again. They said I would be admitted as soon as a room was available. I finally asked a nurse why no one had come to check my BG or offer me any insulin. I told her that I had taken my own BG and insulin. Her answer really floored me. She said that until I was officially admitted to a room they had no place to put me. Since they are completely automated and everything is on computers, I wasn't really a patient until I was admitted and had a room. I couldn't believe this. She didn't seem to mind that I had taken my BG and insulin on my own. She didn't even ask what my numbers were. When I did get up to my room, I told the nurse taking care of me about this. She said , Yes that's how they do it down there (in the ER). So I would suggest if you ever need to go to the hospital, take your own meter and insulin.

Sooo sucks! So far so good with my er. Sorry u had to go through that Cat. Hope ur feeling better

Sorry to hear you had that experience... good thing you were prepared! Hope you are out of the woods now. Get well soon. Joanne

I'm sorry to hear about your illness especially after meeting you. Glad to know you're doing better. Whenever I've been hospitalized and I have gone through ER I always have a meter with me and since I use a pump I always have insulin. If they keep me I always test and allow them to test and I never disconnect from my pump. I know in the hospital that you have to look out for yourself even when you're a patient and if you can't to have a family member or someone close to speak for you.

If you had been to the ER due to your diabetes, they would have taken over on that. So - be happy you were able to do all things yourself! It's bettern the OTHER way! And may the cellulitis disappear.

Glad you are doing better. There is a lesson to all of us from your experience. Any time you go anywhere, for any reason - including the hospital - ALWAYS take your meter, insulin/syringes and glucose! Even for a quick trip to the store, you could have a breakdown & be stuck for hours and need those things. It is a shame that you had to take charge of your D in a hospital, but because you are prepared, everything came out fine.

I hope you have a speedy and complete recovery!

I actually prefer to manage my own diabetes in the hospital. I've been in a few times for unrelated reasons and get irritated when other people that don't know me, my body, or my treatment plan try to meddle with my dosages. That's just my own crazy I guess. I'm a control freak. Sorry that you had such a bad experience though!

Sorry you had a bad experience! Three years ago my husband broke his leg and when he was getting ready to go in for surgery they were asking him if he knew the conversion rate for his insulin and the one that they had. They wouldn't allow him to use his own meter or insulin but they would come in and test him and then ask him how much insulin he wanted. It was very frustrating for him to have to deal with that on top of the bad break to his leg.