Advice on Omnipod?

Hi all D friends, I was diagnosed a year ago (Type 1) and I got a lab here in Bogota to “use” me as a test patient for the Omnipod, I’m in multiple shots right now (usually with pretty good control) Lantus and Novorapid.

I see that my insulin requirements change through the day, in the morning I can eat 40 gms of carbs without needing insulin, in the afternoon I need about 1 unit per 25 grams and at night 1 unit per 17 grams.

I guess I have to set the rate at which insulin is inserted as it varies through the day (is this what they call basal rate ?) So my question is, how do I figure that out ? And my guess is that I should keep tweaking it right ?

Any Omnipoders want to share succesful methods for doing so ?

Much gratitude and love,


My pump educator figured this out for me, and it seemed like she used some kind of formula. Do you have anyone helping you out with the OmniPod?

I usually do end up tweaking my basal rates (especially when I started on my CGM; it was scary how high I was getting at night).

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks ! Yes I guess the pump educator will help me… I’m just always rushing when learning something new :wink:

No that is your insuln to carb ratio. First thing you need to do is set your basal rates. The process is complex. Keep researching on the site and visit

enjoy the reading

That stuff is great !! Thanks so much.