Omnipod Tips for a Newbie. :)

Hi everyone. I am new here. I was diagnosed with type 1.5 in November 2011. Just recently I was changed to a type 1. My insulin needs have drastically changed over the last year and a half and seem to fluctuate almost monthly. It’s been a frustrating ride, but I finally feel like I am on the right path since I am getting the Omnipod in 1 WEEK! Any users have tips or tricks for me? I’ve never had a pump, so all of this is new. I know the diabetes educator at my doctor’s office will have plenty to say on how to use it, but as we all know, experience is gold.
Thanks y’all!

Omnipod is the only kind of pump I've been on, and it is closing in on two years of wearing it and I love it. I had training from Omnipod/Insulet. A fella came to my home and went over everything with me and that was very helpful. My Endo had never had a patient have the Omnipod before and at the earliest were not the best resource (but I've helped them through that). If you've been managing your insulin for a while on your own, you should do fine. If you like taking control, you'll do well. When you run into an issue, post here and we've been there.

Hey tiffernee ,

Welcome to Club T1D! Congratulations on getting the new Omnipod :) I'm jealous! I've had the old school pod since December 2010 and cannot wait to upgrade!!

I have a few tips to help make your Omnipod experience a good one :)

Tip 1: After putting in a new pod, you may need to push 1-2 units as soon as it's started to make sure you don't have a lapse in insulin delivery/bG . Also you may want to increase your temp basal rate 15-25% for an hour or two. Consult with your healthcare professional on this tip, if it applies to your bG control shortly after a new pod is started.

Top 2: When the pod expires, it gives you a few hours "heads-up" warning. If you're not a morning person (3-4am) you may want to change your pod later in the day, say 4 or 5pm, so your "heads-up" alert comes at a more reasonable hour of the day (10-11am).

Hope you enjoy your POD experience. At the very least, an insulin pump will help restore flexibility and insulin-on-demand to your life! All the best!!!

If I change a pod and immediately put on a new pod, I've never had to push extra insulin or raise basal rates. 1 to 2 units could be terrible for someone that is sensitive to insulin (could send me down to a terrible low). We are all different. Be careful. I'd suggest you test a little more often for a while to see how well you are adjusting, because you've never even been on a pump before. We don't know what type(s) of insulin you are currently on because you'll be going to 1 type of rapid insulin for the pump, and that will be an adjustment on its own. TEST.

Hey Tiffernee. Welcome. You will find so much knowledge and support here. Research past discussions. So much has been covered...great info.
I have been LADA for 9 years, on the pod for 3. Some of the biggest factors for me in effecting fluctuating numbers have been hormones, and pod changes and site placement. Most women find variations in insulin needs, possibly due to greater resistance, throughout the month. Most of us have found that some sites seem to be less effective and that pod changes require a bit extra insulin to sort of kickstart things.
Dosing 20 minutes before eating when possible, and extending the bolus to cover slower acting carbs and high fat meals have been extremely effective for me in trying to keep my numbers more level.
There are great books out there. Doctor Bernstein is a good place to start, as well as Gary Scheiner's Think Like a Pancreas.
Good luck!

I just started OmniPod in February, and it was my first pump as well. Just keep in mind, it is all about trial & error and finding what works best for you. You'll have frustrating times, and having the support here is awesome, but you'll "get it" faster than you think. Good luck!

I was also diagnosed as type 1.5 but then evolved into Type 1 when I started Omnipod. Have took my endo about a year of tweaking my settings to bring my a1c down to 7.0. You might try having your Dr put you on a GCM for three days so they can more effectively determine what your basal needs are throughout the day so the pod can be adjusted accordingly.

I agree with the others and for me when I put on a new pod I always Temp Basal about +75% for 4 hours otherwise my BG is in the 200's. I've been on the Omnipod since Dec 2011 and it's the only pump I've had and yes I do love it!

Any tricks to getting the pod off or keeping it on? That adhesive can be pretty intense, and I'm a runner and they seem to want to detach from the bandage.

For removal, I usually get it wet first. Just out of the shower works best for me but alternatively, you can use a cotton ball to cover it with olive or baby oil. I lift a tiny portion of the tape and then work my way around, pulling the skin from the adhesive rather than the opposite.

For keeping it on, I find that a Band for Life (sold here: does nicely on my arm. I also keep an ace bandage handy in case it's elsewhere.

Maybe its just me..but I just rip it off and get it over with :)

me too! I just yank them off :) Never had a problem with them not sticking either...

Honestly, there are some places where I just yank it off (after my shower) but on the underside of my arm?

Oh. Heck. No.

Inner thighs?! Ouch!

okay, point taken :) I wear mine on my arms and flank and upper butt-pocket area. No tears ever, lol!

Congrats on getting your new Omnipod system! I'm using the new system as well. I've started, stopped and now back on Pods. First of all, for me anyway, it does take a lot of work; it's very different from MDI's and it seems everything changes. So, patience is the key, i suppose. Nurses, etc...typically start out basal rates very slowly, you may run high for a while, maybe not...but it does take a lot of effort, dedication, testing,'s no magical panacea. I remember when my honeymoon ended too, it was very many changes. Being on the pump will again change everything. Also, I don't have to push any insulin through when I change a pod. In fact, when you first start out most people are typically low because they have residual levemir-lantus still on board. I had to lower my basal rate down to .25 the first day and was hardly bolusing for food. Anyway, just follow what your health care providers suggest. Good luck. Please keep us posted on how you're doing. There are a lot of people starting the Pods. My pump nurse, who just switched from tubed to Pod, started 5 or 6 type 1's on pods within the last 2 weeks. Think it's time to buy some Insulet stock. HA! :)

Hi and welcome. Hope all goes well as I am guessing it will. I have a couple of pictures on my site that will show what I do as for as keeping them on and taking them off. I have no finger nails so had problems removing them. Any liquid remover I tried turned the adhesive to goo so I, like others just roll it off. Having a flap is mandatory hence the turned over part. Best of luck.

Hi there and welcome! Ive been on the pod for 4 years, and have loved it. This is my 3rd pumping system in 30 years.

For help keeping it stuck on, I used to use IV prep. You can get it in little disposable pads like alcohol preps in any medical supply store, and I believe Walgreens sells it as well. For taking my pods off I get an alcohol soaked cotton ball and wipe the outside edges of the pod thoroughly and it almost slides right off for me.

It takes some getting used to as to where it is. For example, if its on the outside of your arm you will probably learn you walk much closer to doorways that you once thought :p I learned that after bumping a pod off a few times.

In 4 years I had probably less than 15 failures, most of which were my own fault so Ive had good luck with them.

Treat your PDM like a baby. Break it and it'll cost ya.

I would also caution you about adjusting basals or giving a bolus at pod change time willy nilly. My BS never raised more than about 30 points after a change, and even then it was a couple of hours later and could have been caused by anything. Test, test, and test to find out how YOU react.

Take things slow, learn what you can, and enjoy your new pod :)

Thank you everyone for all the great tips! I am in count down mode til I get to wear my pod (3 more days!!!)

It's great to be a part of this community. I'm new as well.
Just started April 15-first time on pump and am using the new pods. I loved reading through all the comments-wish I had thought to ask the same question. Definitely don't get frustrated-It's true we are all different but much of the information here is great-some will work for you some won't.
Here are a few of the hiccups and cures I've found...
Had a really high rate of occlusions during the first 6 weeks. Some of the things I learned to counter this was-definitely make sure your insulin is not straight out of the refrigerator, let it sit out at least 30 minutes prior to filling your pod. Also, make sure they go over pinching or plumbing the skin when putting on a new pod. You want to pinch the skin up on the side of the needle injection. Have found this makes a huge difference. The Educator from Insulet said they are finding this makes a big difference especially for the new pods. Also when placing the pod on your back side-maybe don't have the needle go in toward your spine; on torso have had best results by placing the pod horizontally. Was just at a pump showcase this week, put on by our local chapter of JDRF, it was really a great event. Met a number of omnipod users who gave additional tips and encouragement. Many said they experienced a number of occlusions at first but it gets better. Many said their BG numbers were higher at first as they played with fine tuning the settings. All were very happy whether they were using the old pods or new. It was very encouraging.
Oh-make sure you call in any alarms to the 800 number. I'm told you can suck the unused insulin out of your pod if there is an issue and you still have a lot of unused insulin in your pod. And one last thing-there is a recycle program you can participate in to dispose of your used pods. I can't remember it now but I think you can find it on the site.