Aetna Coverage for Pump Supplies for Minimed

Hi all.. I am considering to move to Aetna as part of insurance offered through my employer. I know it depends on the plan and other attributes. But how is the overall experience with Aetna regarding insulin pumps and supply coverage.

Any inputs will be greatly appreciated.

I have Atena through my husband's employer, and I have had great luck with them covering my insulin pump and supplies. They cover whatever my doctor writes my prescription for, without any problems. I test my blood sugar numerous times a day (usually 16-18 times) and they cover my test strips and lancets for testing that often without any problems or questions.

Thanks Sheri.
Can I ask you if there is a copay for your strips and insulin.

I have Atena as part of my student insurance coverage. For my test strips (FREEStyle lite) I consume 300 and my co-payment is $20 a month.
I got Dexcom, they cover 60% while I need to pay the 40% that is left

Not sure about pump supplies, hope this helps

Yes, I do have a copay for my test strips and my insulin. Both are $40 for a 3 month supply.

I have Aetna through my company, and they cover 80% of the cost for medical equipment. Currently using Dexcom G6, and Omnipod Insulin pump. Aetna covers 60% out of network, and 80% in network for medical supplies. Due to moving to Aetna from my prior Insurance, my current medical supplier is covered at %60 so one shipment of Omnipod’s is $571 out of pocket. Dexcom Transmitter is $219, the cgm’s are $78 for 3, I don’t know how much their receiver is but it doesn’t really work well, so definitely use your phone if you can. I Don’t know about insulin, test strips, ketone test, and lancets yet. I would imagine they are covered with either a $10 (generic) or $36 (preferred) copay. So definitely do your research before hand as to what pump or insulin delivery is most cost efficient for you, as that really hurt my bank when I found out about the out of pocket costs, and immediately stopped my reoccurring orders. They don’t provide durable medical equipment like pumps or cgm’s through the pharmacy either. Hope this information helps :slight_smile: