Afrezza inhaler - change every 15 days? Why?

Afrezza’s use instructions say the inhaler should be replaced 15 days after opening. it’s a piece of plastic so this seems ridiculous to me. There are only 2 inhalers included with each cartridge box. I don’t use Afrezza frequently enough to change it after 15 days without having 80%+ box of cartridges left when I pitch the 2nd inhaler.

I’ve been using them for months on end, but wonder why they have the 15-day restriction in the 1st place?

I imagine it’s an overkill instruction like “change your lancet after every finger”, or “change your pen needle after each injection”. But at least these have a basis behind them (infection), albeit ridiculous.

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I don’t know Mannkinds reasoning behind changing the inhaler but I do change it fairly frequently because the Afrezza tends to get stuck along the sides after about 2 weeks of constant use. I just get a new inhaler out whenever I’m half way through the box and otherwise don’t worry about it.


I was told by an Afrezza rep that issues with use of whistle beyond 15 days are:

  1. Like @Firenza mentioned, build up/clogging; and/or
  2. Bacteria inside whistle
    Rep told me to wash whistle inside and out, let dry, reuse.

I don’t change it every 15 days, but I change it every so often because the particles build-up inside the inhaler. If I tap my inhaler against a hard surface, a little bit of powder always comes out.

Bacteria inside the whistle is an interesting point @Karin7. I can totally see that happening. I might make more of an effort to change my inhaler more frequently.

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I wonder if it couldn’t be sterilized using boiling water? I only have the two whistles I received with my first/only prescription so I don’t want to try it on the off chance it might melt.

If anyone has several extra and can afford to try to sterilize one with boiling water, that would be most helpful to know if it works or not!