Afriad of lows

i go into the doctor’s office every three months to get an over view of how im doing, and my doc changes the settings if need to. one day i went in to the doctors, and everything was okay, but he increased my basal or correction for my BG, one of those. that night it was aroun ten and i was around 300. so i bolused. and around eleven i was around 50. and you know how it is to be low. i was out of it. i sat at the kitchen table with my mom. drinkin mountain dew and eating honey. i had about two mountain dewsa and a few spoonfuls of honey. and i got up to aroud 70. it was late so my mom went to her bedroom and i went to mine. and i had another mountain dew. i laid there drinking and nothin happened. i was still low. so i asked my mom to take me to the e.r just to be safe. as i sat in the back tryin to drink mountain dew and holding a bucket to barf in, my body couldnt stop shaking. i was freaking out. cuz i never shook unconrtolably. i didnt know what was happening. we got to the e.r and they took me into a room. i laid down and they hooked me up with heart montors and an i.v. i laid in the hospital bed just stairing at the white ceiling tile and floresent lights. i still shook. i hated it. i couldnt do anything, i felt like ■■■■. it was around one when the doctor checked my BG it was 160. you dont know how awesome that was to hear. it was one of the best moments in my life. it was around two when we left. since then i let myself run high (by not bolusing or not bolusing enough) for awhile because i was to scared to go low again. the one day i got sick from running high. which sucked. we went to see my educator and doctor and they helped me relize to that its okay to get low and to give all my insulin. and i have been doing alot better by giving all or most of my bolus. and diabetes camp helped me alot more and now im doing good. but now i dont let myself get lower than 85-90. which is wierd, cuz even when its 80 before i eat, ill still get scared…

so if anybody knows how to get rid of my fear of lows. please tell me.

Lows are awful & I hate them! Good call going to the ER.

One thing that helps me is feeling more confident about the right bolus & correction to take. Yea, well not always accurate, as we know, but since getting a better handle on my ratios I’m less worried about going low.

Please take the full bolus you need. I hope once you feel more comfortable with your new doses you won’t be as freaked about going low. Also, keeping your BG more stable by not having highs you won’t feel as shaky with lows. Not saying you shouldn’t be concerned about lows, but you won’t feel as awful when your highs aren’t so high. Going from 300 to 50 is a huge drop in one hour & one reason your reaction was so severe. Keeping tighter control will prevent having to correct so drastically.

I had a low a few nights ago that wouldn’t come up for hours. I kept eating jelly beans & I stayed at 46 for a long time. I was beginning to wonder if my meter wasn’t working.

Happy you’re doing better now!

Talk to your doctor about your corrections at night. I kept having terrible lows if I had to correct after 10pm until my doctor suggested that after 10pm if I have to correct a high that is less than 250, take half the suggested amount of correction insulin. So your doc may have some suggestions like this one to get you back into target slower and safer. If you keep feeling afraid of the lows, think about seeing a therapist who has experience working with diabetic clients (ask your endo and CDE for suggestions). Also talk to your endo about possibly getting a CGMS. They are not perfect but they help with the fear of the unknown because you can see if your BG is dropping. BTW, lots of us out here are afraid of lows. You are not alone.

How much did the trip to the ER cost you?

thanks. and Suzanne thats a really good idea. ill try that. and im also getting the CGMS this thursday, so ill feel alot safer

Taylor…I have two daughters with Type 1 Diabetes one has always had tight control and my other daughter is just like you…she fears the lows and rather be in the 200’s…but the problem with that is when you rise a little…say into the 250’s -300’s you’ll feel tired and you’re not living how you should be…also if you drop from 300 to 150…thats a huge drop and even tho you take your BG and it shows that you aren’t low…you are actually feeling the drop as if you were in your 60’s…we started with my daughter by staying in the 100’s…no double digets and no 200’s…that way she learned how to work and control her BG and she really felt better being in a healthier range. She didn’t realize how tired and out of it she was feeling before living with her BG being high…Good luck…