Ah, Oh, Our First D- Halloween!?

Hi all! Wacky day yesterday after Kennedy’s allergy shots, did have an insane reaction to the panel and became pretty upset with all the itchiness, super high blood sugar’s that we chased all afternoon, doubled up on basal, etc…

Also, curious if anyone out there with celiac noted increase of absorption of nutrients after diagnosis following gluten free diet causing high blood sugar’s it makes sense that that might happen…

Anywho, this is our first halloween and I want to think about the game plan, Kennedy is 11, and one month into podding, and loving the freedom, but I want to think of some groundrules for play!

Our neighbor’s are having a party and this may be an opportunity for a square bolus?? Our omnipod rep told us of a pediatric study recommending 75% up front and 25% over the time period?? Any thoughts or recommendations to have a fun, yet not too blood sugar crazy haloween for a 11 year old?

She has already told me that she doesn’t really care about " candy" anymore, since she’s " Not a little kid" anymore, But she would like to keep some starbursts and the chocolate ( snickers, milky way)

I am making my first gluten free pizza today to take to a school event, also, wish me luck!!

I, too, have an 11 year old on the omnipod- we do the “Switch Witch”- she trick or treats and keeps 5 or so of her favorites to have over time. She leaves the candy out the night after and the “Switch Witch” comes and replaces the candy with something fun. She got an I Tunes card last year and some hair stuff she wanted. Her 5 year old brother who does not have diabetes thinks this is what happens in all houses! She obviously does not really think there is a switch witch but thinks it’s fun.

Oh wow! The Switch Witch is pure genius!

I would warn you to watch out for LOWS on Halloween! My son was dx. at 20 months and is now 11. EVERY Halloween since diagnosis, he has run low. I think it is the excitement of the day paired with the running around door to door. We usually have him stop and eat a couple of pieces of candy while he is trick-or-treating.

As far as what to do with the candy afterward…I let my children keep it for about a week (in the kitchen, not their rooms) and we use it in their lunches for their dessert. Also, the chocolate candy is a great nighttime snack for my son, as it keeps him very even all night. 2 mini bars do the trick.