Ah, whatever happened to Symlin?

I used to read a lot about folks using Symlin. It just struck me today that I no longer see it mentioned.

I used it for 1-1/2 yrs and never did get past the nausea that came with every injection. Although it did have weight loss as a side effect for me, I would never consider using it again. The nausea was unrelenting and maybe that is why you don’t hear so much about it anymore?

I kinda thought that might have been what killed it. Thanks for the comment.

I still use it, but only before high-carb meals – it does not seem to have any impact at other times. I have no nausea or other side effects from it.

I noticed the other day (yesterday?) that there is a study using an insulin-symlin mix in a pump that is having good results… I’ll post a link, if I can find it again.

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I know a few people who are still using it with great success! I did try it and while side effects were not a problem, it was trying to get insulin dosing correct. More work than I wanted to put into it. But I will say the amount of insulin I was using was way down.

I saw that story already but thanks

I used to use it. I stopped when pregnant, twice. The second time I restarted, it seemed as though it did nothing for me and it was a shot before meals when I use a pump to avoid that mess, so I stopped altogether. I have had several endocrinologists ask why the original one put me on it and suggested i didn’t need it, I’ve moved 3xs since.

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I always felt like it had promise but needed to be tweaked somehow to have slightly slower onset and drop-off, and then it would be so much more usable. The full feeling (sometimes experienced as nausea) would come on so quickly that it often wouldn’t work, and then it would drop off so quickly (3-4 hours later) that I’d suddenly end up ravenous. It was the action equivalent of Humalog or Novolog (or even faster) when what most people probably need is something closer to R. Not to mention for it to be in pen form.

It is in pen form - that’s how I use it. :slight_smile:
The full feeling is never completely realized for me; however, prior to taking it, I felt hungry ALL THE TIME. Now that I take it sometimes, my body seems to have better adjusted and I get hungry more closely in line with when I need to eat.

I still use it occasionally but only if I wind up with a stubborn high. Tresiba pretty much resolved the initial insulin resistance which was why I started taking it. I had used it daily for about 3+ years. Nowadays, I almost never have to take it and prefer not to. Like others, I experience mild nausea when first injecting although it only lasts a few minutes. It does tend to help digestion and settling the stomach a bit though. It’s just another shot and being MDI, less is more :slight_smile:

Hi everyone - I have a Human Factor Use study that I am looking for Symlin Users for. it is to evaluate the function of a new designed pen injector for ease of use. The requirements are quite minimum, Type I or Type II DM currently on Symlin (60 or 120 mcg pen injector) and live in the US. If qualified and enough responses in a geographic area the study will be done locally and there is a $200 completion stipend for those who participate.