Anyone still doing Symlin?

Several years ago (OK, up to 10 years ago!) Symlin was an interesting new drug for T1’s (replacing the hormone Amylin which, like insulin, our pancreases do not produce) and I was following a couple threads here and on other discussion groups on it.

I have lost track of the users and their past comments/experiences.

Anyone still using it? Good stories to tell?

When I asked my Endo about it, it didn’t appear to be available in Canada, so I’ve not had the chance to try it yet.

I’m using it, but not all the time – I eat fairly low-carb most of the time, and I’ve seen very little impact for me when I don’t eat many carbs at a single meal. When I know I’m having a bigger/higher-carb meal, I usually take it – I’ve seen a significant flattening out of the spikes after those meals, most of the time.

Symlin was very good at suppressing my appetite and making me not feel like I’m starving all the time. But it also made me nauseous and feel I had almost no appetite when I was about to eat. It also caused lows and slowed down my digestion which I already have trouble with so it was no good for me. I stopped using it after the first few times I think. I’m still wondering what else I can do if anything to stop this awful hunger feeling I have most of the time being on this artificial life support of synthetic insulin.

I’m still using Symlin, though intermittently. I eat a fairly low-carb diet most of the time and have found that Symlin does next to nothing for me when the meal does not contain a fair number of carbs. For higher-carb meals, I find tat Symlin generally does slow down digestion which has the effect to flatten out the spike. It doesn’t always work as I’d hope, but it usually does. For that to work, though, I have to eat around 30g or more of carbs at the meal.

That said, prior to trying Symlin, I did feel hungry “all the time.” It seems as if trying Symlin regularly for a month or so has had a kind of “reset effect” on my hunger, so that I feel more satisfied after meals. Am I imagining this?

Been using it since 2015 (not sure what month). At first, there seemed to be some appetite reduction however as of today, I don’t really notice anything. It has helped with insulin resistance and even after all this time, I still have some symptoms of nausea temporarily and a slight burn after injection. Not enough to make me want to stop though. When I first started, it helped me lose quite a bit of weight. Symlin was the only thing that really seemed to help the resistance which is why I have continued. Would love an alternative!