Aidan's Story from Beat the Bridge 07

Diabetes became an everyday part of Aidan’s life
when he was only 20 months. That was when Sain was first diagnosed. Six months
later he started exhibiting the tell-tale signs of the disease himself. We are
fortunate that Aidan is not yet insulin dependent and that, although he has
gone through an number of times when he appeared to be on the brink of
diagnosis, his little pancreas has always kicked in. (I say “little
pancreas” because whenever Aidan is going through spikes in blood sugar he
grabs his tummy, gives is a shake, and says “come on little pancreas, get
workin’”) If we are lucky Aidan will live his life walking that thin line
between non-diabetic and diabetic and he will never have to experience first
hand the pain his big sister deals with. But that thin line seems to be getting
thinner. The spikes in blood sugar are lasting longer and the numbers are
higher. Every time he gets sick, is tired or just eats and drinks more than
normal I wonder if this is it.

With any luck Aidan may never need a cure for himself but he will be the first
to tell you we need a cure for his big sister.

When I asked Aidan what he wanted me to say on his website the maturity of his
answer surprised me.

“We need to cure diabetes because when I am old I will still need Sáin and
without a cure I might not have my big sister when I really need her.”