14 years ago today I WAS DX WITH DIABETIES

Well its hard to beleive its been fourteen years since i was admited to the icu. With my blood sugar reading one thousand sixty four that day.Thanks to the 64 oz lemonade that day i worked. When my mom picked me up i knew something was wrong. I t was my turn to face the challege of diabeties. My brother knew what i was about to be faced with. He could not even say bye to me. But i was glad he faced it and helped me when i came home fingersticks daily mdis. Well know thanks to medical breakthourghs. I came along way. I am now carb counting and pumping like no tommorow. PUMPY is my new and dearest friend.My numbers are AMAZING!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE MY NEXT hemoglobin a1c. I CANNOT EXPRESS MY THANKS!!! ENOUGH TO MY BROTHER EVERY STEP OF MY ADVENTURE ESPEILLY NOW.Who would have thought i be doing this today in 08. Also I would like to THANK MY PARENTS FOR START OUR LOCAL JDRF CHAPTER without this device it would be mdis forever. Also millions of thanks to RACHEL DAY OR NIGHT AND EVEN AWAY YOUR THERE You must be my angel watching over me! I LOVE YOU GUYS THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND GOD BLESS and be healthy always.:)keep smiling .FAITH , HOPE AND EVEN PIXIE DUST . THERE IS A CURE AND TOGETHER WE WILL FIND IT!!!

happy dx day to you ( and many more to come)

happy d-day!