My Story from the Beat the Bridge 07 site

Dear Friends and Family

You look at your child and you see the future; long and full of adventure. You see hope and potential, endless possibility and greatness. I see all those in mine but I look at my daughter and I know what will kill her. I know that without a cure this disease will take her from me and that there is a distinct chance I will have to bury my own child. I know she will battle the ignorance surrounding her disease because when you hear diabetes you think all she has to do is change her diet and take her insulin and all will be fine. (I used to think this too.) Sáin changed her diet, takes her injections (over 1000 a year and we’re approaching her second anniversary) and monitors every aspect of her life just to stay alive. Until there is a cure, Sain will live everyday of her life with the fear of quick and life threatening complications.

This is why I want a cure:

I want a cure so I don’t have to see my daughter cry when her blood sugars our out of range and she feels like a failure.

I want a cure so I don’t have to hide the fear that comes when I think of heart disease, blindness, kidney failure and amputation.

I want a cure so the flu is just the flu and not a life threatening illness.

I want a cure so I don’t get the pit in my stomach every time I see a birthday invitation or, worse, when everyone else gets a party invitation and my daughter does not.

I want a cure because I don’t have an answer when my daughter asks why God is mad at her and she no longer accepts the ones I used to give.

I want a cure so a syringe is not the first thing my daughter has to see every morning and the last thing she sees every night.

I want a cure so my daughter can go to sleepovers and play dates whenever she wants.

I want a cure so my parents can be grandparents instead of my only diabetes trained babysitters.

I want a cure so we can enjoy holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter again.

I want a cure so I can worry about normal mom things instead of injection sites, DKA and hypoglycemia.

I want a cure so my daughter can ride her bike around the neighborhood without testing her blood sugar before hand, carrying juice with her, and testing again after.

I want a cure so her little brother can go back to being a little brother instead of her protector when she is low.

I want a cure so I can stop making up stupid jokes about diabetes. You either laugh or you cry and I am too tired to cry.

I want a cure so my daughter doesn’t have to be so strong all the time.

I want a cure so I can make a normal school lunch instead of thinking, “simple carb, complex carb, protein.”

I want a cure because, although I did well in algebra, I don’t really want to have to use it every day.

I want a cure because Aidan is also showing all the symptoms and I've been told it's only a matter of time before he is insulin dependent too and there is only so much one mom can take!

I want a cure so people would focus on the fact that my daughter is a smart, loving, kind little girl instead of the fact she is diabetic.

But, mainly, I want a cure so my kids can go back to being kids and I can go back to being a mom.

Thank you for helping us find a cure!