Ain't it grand?

My stomach hurts despite having 200mg of Tramadolhydrochloride in my body atm (and that long word would be a weak relative to morphine). I’ve had a nutrition drink about an hour or so ago and my blood sugar level is currently 147 and has been rising from 102 in just one hour… Great, and it’s 1am! I should go to sleep, but am in too much discomfort to be able to fall asleep!

Rant over…

What’s swrong with your stomach, if you don’t mind me asking?

That… Is a good question… I don’t know what’s wrong yet, but I have had a constant stomach pain since December 27th and #2 has been quite abnormal since then. My doctor is running a lot of tests at the moment to find out what the problem is.

hope ur feeling better. ugh I hate being sick and stay up late

It’s even worse when falling asleep at 3am and sleeping bad all night :confused: I’m pretty wasted by tiredness today…