Gonna be a long night


I just talked to my endo since my sugar is so high and I have been sick. He told me if it stays high and I continue to throw up, I have to be admitted to the hospital which I so don’t want to do. He said I more than likely have an infection and he wants me on iv fluids, but as long as I am not throwing up or overly tired I can stay home even if my sugar stays up as long as I keep injecting insulin. Am supposed to check it every 2 hours while awake and then wake up every 4 to check it throughout the night. Such a fun life a diabetic leads.


I’m sorry you’re feeling bad.


Please don’t dehydrate! Rest as much as you can. sigh… I’d love to “give your teachers a talkin to!” they need a little education on PWD’s! ( I wonder if there is a general booklet to get from the doc to help explain our ups and downs of illness?)
Get well soon!