Airport Secruity

So I am all nervous about flying for the first time since my daughter was diagnosed T1, get all the "stuff " in place, needles , pens, travel letter, testing strips, ketostrips etc . all in separate baggies.
It turns out they checked nothing! She had a purse with 2 juicy juice boxes in it they didn’t even check. Everything went right through,and they didn’t open or check anything. I had read some scary stuff about diabetics and secruity screening at airports. All that worrying for nothing. LOL
Overall a good travel experience.

I agree. We flew recently and I didn’t have any issues.

Welcome Home from your trip :slight_smile:
It never has been a great nerve wrecking deal for me either …back from Maui to Canada Feb. 7 …It gaive my feet a chance to cool off, when I needed to take my runners off at Maui Airport :slight_smile:

I wanted to add that the only airport where I’ve been hazed at all was the small airport in Champaign, IL where we used to live. They’d demand to see the doctors letters and inspect the bag of stuff. It may have been b/c there weren’t any planes there that flew > 30 passengers so the security were 1) bored and 2) had zero pressure to move people through but they got to be annoying after going to other larger airports where the security, while still including metal detectors and testing the pump, I presume to make sure it wasn’t full of plastic explosives or cocaine, didn’t bother w/ the infusion sets. I can’t really picture using an infusion set to attack anyone, the needles are too sharp. Maybe the CGM thingy but even those are kind of slippery and the inserter gizmo isn’t quite handy enough to be a weapon but Champaign were far and away the most thorough airport security I ran into regarding my diabetes supply stash.

My major issue is bringing juice on board. My last screening in Orange County ca was pretty bad. I had to argue with the TSA to have my pumps hand screened and made it thru the metal detector without event. I removed the pump and handed it to the agent with my spare travel pump. Well because I had juice to cover a lo, i was honored with a full groping in public by the agent. I had no major issue with the agent - he was just doing his job, but why pat down a diabetic over juice? They were standard sealed boxes of a major brand. The weird thing is they did no test on the juice. So if it was really a bomb, i still would of boarded. Their logic made no sense. They told me if the juice was in a reseable container that they could test the juice and not hand pat (grope) me. But ifyou carry juice and open it, it needs to be refrigerated. I filled out a yellow complaint card and a TSA manager actually called me. Said they are reviewing policies and understand that it is an inconvenience for dibetics. I doubt if they will change anything.

I remember being nervous flying with my needles and meds for the first time after being diagnosed which was after 9/11. I have traveled a lot in the past five years with all my diabetic supplies and even ashes from my deceased uncle in my carry on once and I have only ever been stopped over a unopen bottled water…go figure…lol

on the water - just bring a empty bottle and refill once you get past security - beats the 2 or 2 dollar ripoff in the airport!

Good plan!

I did a series of injections (Forteo) for 2 years for bone density. I had to carry a thermal bag, pens, needles… the works. I flew a lot during that time and no one ever blinked. My sister in law got pulled over twice for her hair gel!

Thanks for posting this I was wondering how this would go!