Had a great laugh, thought I would share it

A friend and I were talking and we were talking about me leaving tomorrow and how I could be considered a threat as I carry juice boxes and syringes among other things on me. But can you imagine, a glucagon shot in one hand, a box of juicey juice in the other and I am running into the cockpit, threatening them.


hmm may have to take a pic of myself later with the juice box in one hand and the syringe in the other

Judith told it right then you too Cody! You’ll be the " Diabetic Bandit" HA!! HA!!!

the diabetic bandit

Very nice!
What I’ve always wanted to see is what exactly my carry-on bag looks like when it goes through the x-ray scanner. It’s got to look like some sort of bomb kit, yet I’ve only been stopped once for carrying suspicious items. And that was due to the insulin bottle I didn’t stick in a plastic quart sized bag.

Thankfully I didn’t have any problems getting through security today. I had one low in the middle of the flight and the flight attendant got my bag for me and I had juice in my bag. I will have to take a picture of my diabetic bag. Poor thing is stuffed full of stuff.

Hey I know this sounds bad but Thank God you didn’t have any trouble but for the 1 low! It sounds like you had a good flight attendent too! HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS VACATION!!!

You may well laugh, but the behaviourr of airport security personnel is unpredictable. On one trip out of Heathrow(years ago admittedly) they ignored my husband’s syrines and supplies, but made me unscrew the lens from my camera. go figure!

I Love it!

ha aha bro that’s great
why shouldn’t you carry bittermelon juice in hand insted of fruit juice that’s be great for you BG.so no need of insulin shot .keep my advice safe.chow