Airport security amazing discovery

My wife has been on the pump for just over a year. We travel frequently, so we were resigned to the fact that she would be hand searched everytime. In Fort Lauderdale, the terrific TSA agent told us that all we needed to do was remove the metal belt clip on the back of her Animas pump. We did, and she cleared the magnetron. We were quietly celebrating, in fear of raising an alert. I wanted to share this with all so that we could all experience our privacy.

I wear a Cozmo pump in a belt pouch (purchased separately). It has never set off an airport alarm.

Anyone got experience with the Omnipod and airport alarms?

I went through security with my Animas pump in Toronto, and I set the metal detector even without the belt clip on the pump. It was my first time going through airport security with a pump, so I took extra care to make sure I didn’t have anything metal that would set that thing off. On my trip back, it was actually clear sailing though. Maybe they had that thing turned up a notch or something. :slight_smile:

I flew from New Orleans to Detroit last year in October with my pod setting off no alarms. My controller was in my carry on and they asked what that device was and I explained it to them and it was no problem. On the way back from Detroit we had to go thru the new scanner (bio metric or whatever) and again just had to explain what it was. No problems here!!!

I wear the omnipod and have flown a few times with it. Never have I set off any alarms and never have the asked me anything about the PDM, or the zillion extra pods I carry etc. Knock on wood. I’ve probably just cursed myself :slight_smile: