Animas Ping and airport security

About 6 weeks ago I switched from a Minimed to a Animas Ping pump. Never had any problems getting through airport security with the Minimed pump but when I traveled during the Christmas holiday, I had trouble setting off the alarms at the security check. Even after removing all coins, belt, etc, I still set off the alarm and had to be patted down. TSA were at first skeptical that the source of the problem was my pump because they rarely see problems with people wearing insulin pumps. The Ping pump does have a metal belt clip. Not sure if the belt clips on earlier Animas pumps were metal or plastic. My Minimed pump belt clip was plastic. Does anyone else have this problem getting through airport security with the Ping pump?.

I also set off the alarms so i ask for a private screening before i go through. It ends up saving time. I’m not sure it’s the clip though. I have put in it a leather holser with a plastic clip and it still sets off the alarm.

I kept meaning to post something on this same question! I got the ping in the fall and the few times I’ve traveled by plane, it’s always set off the alarm, even after I remove all metal from me. Like you, the security personnel are surprised, and they tell me pumps usually don’t set the alarms off. This is my first pump, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it does seem to always set it off. I always let them know I have the pump before I walk through and then as soon as I set it off they just check me by hand, which goes quickly enough.

It’s good to know this is happening to others, I’ll be able to tell the TSA people that for some reason this pump in particular seems to set the alarm off.

I’ve had the Animas 1250 insuin pump for almost 4 years now and it always sets off the alarm at the aiport. It must be something with the Animas pumps because i wore it with no clip or case and it still went off. Its not that big of a deal though to get a hand inspection. But TSA is always surprised when it gives them problems. Just tell them that this particular pump always goes off and they are usually very helpful.

I recently took a flight and the ping set off the alarm, and I was given a pat down. On the return flight it also set off the alarm; I showed them the pump and was quickly through. In both cases I informed them of the pump before I went through the metal detector. Not really a problem or any kind of trouble in either case; in fact I was happy to see the TSA doing their job to keep passengers safe really.

Nice to know it’s happening with other pump users. I guess Animas pumps must have a fair amount of metal in them. I had a good discussion with one of the TSA guys who patted me down and used the wand on me. He said the alarm is tripped not by a particular metal containing item, but rather the overall amount of metal on you. So even things like the metal rivets and zipper on your jeans will contribute. I do agree with gw that it’s good to know that TSA is doing their job.

I’ve set off the alarms with my 2020 also. I’ve found that it’s easier and less of a headache to just disconnect and go through the metal detector. Not worth the delay and extra attention that you get with the hand inspection - especially when traveling for with with colleagues and/or clients.

It is the metal clip. If you remove it, it does not set off the metal detectors. The previous clips (Not the low-profile) were made of plastic. Just and FYI

We have not set off airport alarms - but my DH set off the alarms in Best Buy . . .We have not traveled by plane since getting the pump.

Last year, my Animas 2020 went off when going through security. I even took off my rings and diabetes medic alert bracelet first before realizing it was the pump that was beeping. (later, i could hardly reattach the bracelet and even had to ask for help to put close the clasp on the bracelet.) Then, i ended up just taking the pump thing off temporarily and put the pump with the regular luggage on the conveyor belt. Months after the fact, i found out we’re not supposed to put the pump on the conveyor belt, right? oops! I didn’t know what to do and didn’t want to keep beeping. I hate going through security because of this pump now.

I love my Animas Ping except when traveling. I have to fly to France in a couple months for business and I’m already dreading the security checkpoint.

If you pull out your pump and show them before you go through (I fly alot and flew into Paris De Gaulle (Spelling) past Christmas they don’t make you go through the metal detectors but pat you down and off you go. I thought France was one of the better airports as far as the tolerance goes. They were super nice and made no fuss with it. Good luck. I’m thinking about going to the Animas. I’ve had 5 diff models of pumps and none of them ever set off alarms so that should be interesting. It looks really sturdy though.

I was told by TSA on the Big Island (HI) to hold the pump in between your hands while going through the medal detector - like in a praying possession. They even said that you can place it behind your button on your jeans. I really works… hope that helps some.

Can someone tell me what machines my ping is safe to go through? Every time I take it off the airport security act like it's ok to walk through the gate detector but I am afraid to. I know it can't be exposed to x-rays but what about that gate thing? I usually just resort to the pat down...but do I need to? Any advice would help as I'm traveling this week to Orlando.

I just tell TSA at body scanner/ metal detector that I’ve got a pump and opt to defer and get pat-down… Takes a few extra minutes but usually no big deal ( most of the time very friendly and understanding ) … On occasion get a " know it all" douche bag who tries to insist I run my DEXCOM and pump thru X-ray … I refuse and have his/her superiors educate him on pumps/cgms and our rights as travelers. Had one TSA guy try to " educate" me with his vast knowledge of high school physics and how it pertains to X-rays, radiation, and full body scanner… Lol!
According to a really cool/friendly/helpful TSA agent yesterday at DFW, who tested my pump and DEXCOM for explosive residue, using firearms within a day or so can trigger a " positive" on the “explosive residue” spectrometer used at most airports…I guess no going to the gun range a day or two before traveling. :frowning:

If you read the blurbs you find that we are not supposed to take the pump through either the metal detector (magnetic Fields) or the newer x-ray systems. When I had the minimed I ignored this and went through the metal detector and never had a problem. Sometimes they used the wand if the thing was set to a high sensitivity level. During the transition to x-ray, I had switched to the ping-thing and that never set off any alarms either. These days we use the x-ray in most airports that I use. What I do is put everything into a bag that goes through the x-ray system on the belt (VERY strong ... shouldn't send your poor pump there!). So I keep the pump with me and hold it over my head in the x-ray booth. They always swipe my hands to test for explosives but that only adds an extra minute to the process.

Bottom line .. these systems probably don't do anything to the pumps but they always warn you about problems. Has anyone ever had such a problem??

Remaining issue .. when your hand is being checked, your luggage is out there and up for grabs! My wife usually keeps an eye on it but she has her own stuff to get off the belt as well, so it is an issue.

By the way, the x-ray DOES detect the Dexcom sensor and the infusion set from the pump but neither has ever raised a question from TSA.