All-Girls T1 Adventure Camp

What would you expect from an all-girls outdoor adventure Camp, specifically targeted for girls with T1?

I'm in the baby stages of starting a camp session targeted towards girls 14-17 with T1...and I want to hear what you think! Activities would include:



Rafting & Kayaking

Trips to Hot Springs


A Heck of a Lot of Fun!

It would be a trip for girls who want to get out there, to do something fun and adventurous. As a T1, I know it can be daunting to get out of your daily routine. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a year ago. Since then, I have become more and more active in the diabetic community. I didn't let it slow me down, not one bit, and I want other girls like me to feel the same way. Especially in teenage years, Diabetes can be a drag. Diabetics can forget that they are still capable of anything, that they are not bound by their condition...

The trip would be planned with the help of a CDE and Endocrinologist, and experienced camp leaders.

Just wanted to pitch the idea to the community, and see what Moms, Dads and Girls think of the idea!

Hi there!

Unfortunately I’m not the mom of a T1 girl but I wanted to suggest that you contact the local ADA or independent diabetes camps to see if they’d like to work with you to establish a program (or if they need program staff for existing adventure programs.) Of all the diabetes camps in the country, there are only 2 that are single-sex (Barton & Joslin in MA, and that’s because they pre-date coed camping) so you might not be able to focus solely on girls, but you never know! Partnering with a camp could get you over some major hurdles (insurance, medical staff, etc). Check out

Thanks for your advice! I’ll definately look into that…While I haven’t partnered with a Diabetes camp, I have partnered with an amazing all-girls adventure camp.

Sounds like a great camp idea. My daughter is 12 and I think having something on dealing with the ups and downs of bs during puberty would be a great discussion item for the camp…

thanks for the advice!
I think the main focus (in terms of diabetes education) would be learning how your own body works with strenuous physical activity… if girls could go home with a better understanding of how their bodies handle that kind of activity, and the benifits of staying active as a T1, along with a sense of “I Can Do Anything” (which I know they all can do!)

Great idea, but how about some activities for the girly-girl type? Swimming would be a must in the summer as well.

The camp I’m partnering with is wilderness-based, so trips to alpine lakes and such may be the only swimming we would get.
But don’t get me wrong, the trip is for GIRLS!

When I was younger (before Diabetes was a part of my life) I was a camper with this amazing company, and as a “girly-girl” myself, I had soon become a "Burly-Girl"
Nail-painting, hair-braiding, and Road-Side Dance Parties are all part of the fun!