All I want for Christmas

I know, It's December 17, but my 90 year old mother is just getting around to asking me what I want for Christmas. Here's what I told her: a donation to the Diabetes Hands Foundation! To make it easier for her, I'm sending her an pre-addressed envelope, all she has to do is pop in her check. She already knows how much DHF's has changed my life for the better, and how proud I am to be an admin here. I joined almost 5 years ago, after spending 40 years feeling alone with my type 1. I was immediately surrounded by caring members, with helpful suggestions and support. No one made me feel ashamed or stupid that I didn't know my insulin to carb ratio, or my sensitivity factor, or was a complete failure at carb counting. It was a revelation for me, and I'm so thankful I found the community. I'm no longer beating myself up if my numbers aren't perfect, and I have the support of many friends here when I need it.

Just yesterday I met a young mother struggling with her diabetes, she said she had never met another person with type1! I immediately stopped in my tracks and jotted down the website for her. We can't let those with diabetes feel alone! Every little bit helps. Here's the address

Diabetes Hands Foundation, 1962 University Ave. #1, Berkeley, CA 94704.


YES!!! GOOD GOING MARIE!!!!! Or mom is great to ask u thatr and ur even better for telling her to donate to tud!!!!!! I remember when u 1st got here with is and i'm honered to call u a friend of mine!!!!

Thanks for writing this beautiful testimonial, Marie!

Also, if people want they can donate online:

That is wonderful Marie. I love the quilt. And you know what this site means to me. Even more so as I face the realities of getting old. And,of course, you are the best. POPS

Mom just called and said she sent her check today! Thanks Mom!