Santa wants to help

I’m not a doctor… but I know through the spirit of CHRISTMAS I can help. Would listen to your words on this. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I just want everybody to not feel alone this Christmas! Speaking from experance there’s no worst feeling!

… i pretty much dont enjoy christmas… altho easter is far worse lol. Friend - “hey how many eggs did you get” Me - “ermm 1… its hard boiled and yellow in the middle” woop woop :(. sucky holiday! lol
All i look forwards to at christmas is a good family get to gether and the best meal of the year… other than that i go skiing to vent my hatred ;). xxx

Sorry… go checkout the Christmas Lights on maybe that will make you feel a little better. If there is anything I can do to help improve your Christmas please let me know.

Let there be no misunderstanding I have Diabetes… We all cope with diabetes in our own way. Being a member in this group means a lot to me. Being Santa allows me to bring to others the joy of the season. That makes me very happy and we all know that has a positive impact on our well being. I’m on my way to Kaiser right now because my ears are draining fluid, I have eighteen inches of titanium in my hip from a car accident ten years ago, I have no immune system and someday I don’t want to get out of bed. I’m becoming the Internet Santa because it allows me to set in a chair. In the process through my Live Pod cast show that goes all over the world Children, and really the Children in all of us, can enjoy the spirit of Christmas, which is my theory. So this is not spam I’m just a ham. Little play on words. Merry Christmas

I just want an insulin pump

Hello Santa,
Welcome to the group. It will really be ok to have a slimming down Santa here with us:)
Would you like to join us at the “Weight Loss Team?” We’d be glad to share our tips on munching in a healthy way this season.
Meanwhile… My list? ummm wanna take about 30 pounds away from me? Then, help us win a few Lotteries so we can cure the “D”! :slight_smile: