I'm asking my family to donate to TuDiabetes

Ok, I just sent my check today to help TuDiabetes, and I thought I’d send a note to my parents and my sister, telling them how much the TuDiabetes community means to me. I am including a stamped envelope with this address in my note:

Diabetes Hands Foundation
P.O. Box 61074
Palo Alto, CA 94306

I’m asking for a donation to continue the programs that have helped me, and to send it by the end of September, perhaps mentioning that they are my family.

Good idea Marie!

Hello! Way to go anything will help TU COMMUNITY. diabeticidol94

Oh, that is a good idea! Thanks for sharing it so I can borrow it :slight_smile:

I posted in my blog. I’m guessing most if not all of the folks who might read my blog are probably already members here, but you never know who might stumble across it and decide to donate, right? And every little bit helps :slight_smile:

My family is happy to help with the charities and causes I believe in (usually!!)

I just saw that my mom’s name is on the community supporters list! Thanks mom!