All OmniPod Users – Survey of New OmniPod Features

This user group has tremendous insight into life with the OmniPod. Our feedback can help Insulet make decisions about new product features.

A previous brainstorming discussion provided a list of features to consider. A smaller pod and integration with CGM are not included as Insulet is already working hard on these. Our next step is to add ranking to the list in order to indentify how important each features is.

Follow the link below to an online survey (using SurveyMonkey) and provide your feedback. The survey is anonymous and results will be forwarded to Insulet and members of this group. There are twelve questions and the survey takes less than ten minutes to complete. The survey will end with a Survey Monkey ad page--just ignore and close.

Please forward this link to as many people as you can. This group has 800+ members and we need hundreds of responses to get Insulet's attention.

NOTE: I am not affiliated in any way with Insulet and they have not approved/disapproved of this effort. I am simply a father of a daughter with type 1 diabetes who wants to make her life more comfortable.

AML, Thanks for putting this together! This is awesome. Looking forward to seeing what the tallies of the results.

On a related note, I must say you’re an awesome dad! Keep up the good work!

I second all that Bradford said! You are a GREAT DAD! (and, for all of us,a GREAT FRIEND)


I should have mentioned in that other discussion my extremely strong desire to have an integrated Superbolus option. I think I may want that more than anything right now. I included it in “other” on the survey.

Tweeting this discussion now.

Thanks for putting the survey together!

Mom of Caleb, OmniPodder 3.5 years :slight_smile:

Just read your previous post on the superbolus subject. Really great timeline of your son. Really want to try this. Has it ever failed—too much, too soon?

The only time the superbolus hasn’t worked is when other variables were at play - like perhaps a kinked cannula and therefore basal hadn’t been delivered properly in the hour or two preceding the superbolus. But otherwise it works. I try to only do it when I’m at least somewhat confident nothing else is awry.

For about the last month I have been bolusing Caleb’s breakfast with a superbolus to counteract the meal spike. He wakes up in range, but by frontloading everything he’s able to stay pretty flat through that meal without going low later. It works fabulously as long as I remember to turn off that basal. Having that option integrated would be fantastic.

Thanks. My daughter always goes high after breafast and needs to correct at lunch. I will try the super bolus and see if I can get her down.

It is too late to add this to the features list–can’t really change questions once the survey is already underway–but I will be forwarding all the comments to Insulet as well. Your comment will certainly be included. Thanks for participating.

Good luck - I hope it works. No worries about the survey and thanks for adding it in the comments. :slight_smile:

We have 87 replies so far. Not bad–about 10% of the members in this group–but would like to have a higher number of responses if possible. Thanks to everyone who has responded already. Any suggestions or help in broadening the audience are appreciated. I have also posted on LinkedIn JDRF (unofficial group) and Children with Diabetes sites as well.

fb’d and tweeted

Is there a way to send out a message to this group by email?? Sometimes people don’t check every day. Great survey btw!

I believe the site manager can but for the rest of us we would have to “friend” each individual. Otherwise we would be be getting spam all the time. I would have loved to be able to send the survey link via email.

Great response so far. Over 120 people have completed the survey. Love to get more to assure a good sample and to increase our influence with Insulet. Thanks to everyone so far.

Here is a preliminary list of the top 10 in order:

  1. Alarm if canula becomes dislodged
  2. Better pod adhesion (more contact points-especially around canula)
  3. Better PDM form factor (more modern, better features)
  4. IOB calculation option that includes food bolus
  5. More visible canula (to confirm insertion)
  6. Cushioned/flexible pod bottom (for better fit)
  7. Sunlight readable display
  8. Vibrate option for alarms on PDM
  9. Waterproof/shockproof PDM
  10. More user-definable settings

Maybe you are aware of this already but you can have a different IC ratio at different times of the day - my daughter’s IC ratio at breakfast gives her twice as much insulin than at dinner…

Yep. We do use different IC ratios. She just spikes more in the morning. We’re trying to match the food absorbtion better rather than just give more insulin (which would lead to a low by lunch).

I am working with one of the group administrators to see if we can do this.

Thank you to Bradford for helping with boosting the responses to the survey. We are approaching 200 now (~1% of total users). I will close the survey soon and start compiling the results. Thanks to everyone. Can’t promise how much impact we’ll have on Insulet but at least we are giving them another data point to consider.

Great job! I’m sure they will find the information useful.