OmniPod New Feature Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the new feature survey. We had over two hundred responses. The results were compiled in a report that was sent to the Insulet OmniPod product manager. The product manager, who is himself an OmniPod user, found the results informative. He also forwarded the report to the Insulet Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Executive Officer.

As we have all painfully learned, product enhancements in the medical device industry can sometimes take years to come to market. While this survey may not be able to accelerate that process, it will at least provide an additional point of direction for the product development team at Insulet. Here is a summary of the results:

Top Ten Suggestions

  1. Alarm if canula has dislodged
  2. Better pod adhesion
  3. Better PDM form-factor
  4. More visible canula
  5. IOB calc option with food bolus
  6. Sunlight readable display
  7. Slightly curved/cushioned pod bottom
  8. Waterproof/shockproof PDM
  9. Removable reservoir
  10. Vibrate option for PDM

Top three Pod feature suggestions

1. Better pod adhesion

2. More visible canula

3. Slightly curved/cushioned pod bottom

Top three PDM feature suggestions

1. Better PDM form-factor

2. Vibrate option for alarms

3. Waterproof/shockproof PDM

Top three basal/bolus feature suggestions

1. IOB calc option with food bolus

2. Make settings more user-definable

3. In history, display actual instead of suggested

Top three “other” feature suggestions

1. Alarm if canula has dislodged

2. Ability to enter carbs eaten to treat low

3. More accurate calc for insulin level remaining

Survey profile information

· More than half of those represented are over the age of twenty-one years and nearly thirty percent of those represented are under age of sixteen years

· Nearly half have had diabetes five years or less and nearly one third have had diabetes more than a decade

· Nearly two thirds have been on pump therapy two years or less and nearly ninety percent have been on the OmniPod for two years or less

· Slightly more than half of people represented in the survey were female

· More than two thirds of survey participants were the person with diabetes—almost all the others were parents

Thanks again to every one.

Thanks for doing this and sharing the result with us, some of them kinda surprising!

I’m a little confused about the history suggestion. I look at the bg readings and insulin delivery history numerous times per day. I look at those mainly out of curiosity. But the suggestion was for actual instead of suggested. I’m confused as to what your saying the PDM is suggesting. I know there is also alarm history and carb history but those also seem to be actual numbers. Can anyone tell me what the suggested numbers are?

I know putting all the survey results together must have been a lot of work. I for one want to say thank you for putting all the effort in on this and sharing.

Thanks for the kind words. On the history question…If you go to My Records and then All History, you see the daily log of actual activity. Then from that screen, if you go to an individual bolus and select the ? key, you will see detail numbers that represent the suggested amount. We still report numbers weekly to our Endo for my daughter and we break out food vs. correction. That is why the info is important to us.

Thank you for putting this together and sharing with Insulet!

I guess I usually just accept the suggested bolus without making corrections. But this morning I did make a correction (luckily!) because if I hadnt I would have been really confused. I learned that if you press the ? button on a bolus line it just gives the loud screetching sound if you just take what is suggested. But you are correct if you make a change then it gives you a lot more info. So again thank you. That is something I probably would have never figured out on my own.

Thank you - great job!

It is great, I loved seeing this! I might have a write in option too, like for mine: Add timers to basals, so you can set some for some period of time and schedule them to switch to some other basal. (I have the misfortune of not being able to rely on one basal every day, I need to drive this thing like a race car. Thank goodness I have the dexcom too)

jojo you can program the basals to change during the day I am currently on 6 different basal rates that change throughout the day