Pizza - Carbohydrates and Nutritional Information

Hey all. I've been noticing a lot of comments about pizza being a major issue and having to guess for how many carbs are in each type. The companies put their nutritional information online which includes # carbs for each type and size of pizza.

I'm adding Pizza Hut, Dominos, Godfathers, Valentinos, and Papa Johns listings. If you have a favorite pizza joint and they have an online guide or you can scan in their guide let's get it out there for everyone.


I don’t care for chain pizza; it’s either from a gourmet place or homemade. But the carb count isn’t what makes pizza an issue. Certainly when I make it at home I can account for every carb. But some foods for many of us are problematic outside of the actual carb count. For me those include pizza, cereal, rice and pasta. I can bolus for the exact amount using my I:C ratio and still go high. With pizza the reason for it is that in addition to having carbs it has a lot of fat. That combination means it’s affecting your blood glucose for hours on end. So you can bolus and be fine or not too high two hours after eating pizza for dinner, but then you test before bed and you’re through the roof. Some people have had good experience with dual wave or square wave boluses (some now and some later to spread out the insulin to match the long rise of the blood sugar)

Congratulations. I posted this as a resource those who do enjoy a slice from time to time and to help people who are trying to find such resources.

I wasn’t criticizing people’s taste in pizza, and resources are always good. But my point was that the reason many people have trouble with eating pizza isn’t always solved with an accurate carb count.

i had supermarket pizza yesterday and my numbers are still high. not happy about it if im honest. also the pizza wasn’t that nice either. its annoying as my numbers where 4.7. now its high tens after all this time. was it worth it? nope

i know i wont have that brand again.

thanks for posting the links

just to add insult to injury my gout is now playing up… grrrr

We should give an award to anyone who can figure out the bolus formula for pizza. It’s the most problematic food.



We could all chip in a couple of bucks & give a grant for research. The winning equation can be printed on labels along with nutritional info.

There you go!!! Hey as much as I love pizza I’m willing to do so. I have to just about give up eating the rest of the day if I have some pizza! LOL!

No food is worth the havoc of pizza.

I know!!! Now it’s like ice cream in the summewr to a kid back in the 50’s! I get some every once in awhile! Don’t keep my mouth from watering thinking about one though! LOL!

I find a super greasy high carbohydrate load difficult to predict It is like the stock market only goldman sachs knows for sure.

I really don’t see the problem. I can safely sit down and eat a whole pizza. I just don’t eat the crust. When we have an office party and they let everyone know, I remind the organizers that I have been know to eat two myself and I prefer meatlovers.

I had pizza yesterday for lunch at 1 o clock, My carb count /insilin was right , I went low at 3 oclock drank a juice waited 15 minuites lower then got some sugar and went back up after 30 minuites . Did not feel like eating supper took anap woke up at 7Pm with my sugar at 375 all from some pizza . Not going to eat it again not worth it !!!

I had pizza on holiday in Italy and had textbook-perfect numbers afterwards (2 hours after dinner, 4 hours after dinner and next morning).

The formula that worked was:

  • walking 4 miles each day for the 3 days before the pizza
  • it has to be super thin crust pizza the way it is done in Italy
  • Italian pizzas are minimalist with the toppings - the one I had was tomato smear, buffalo mozzarella smear, and a few shavings of salami
  • not eating the rim
  • donating a couple of slices to a non-pancreatically challenged companion

I bolused for 60g of carb and was so thrilled that all numbers were perfect afterwards. Can I confess to this audience - as only you guys would understand - that it was the highlight of my holiday in Milan, a bigger thrill than seeing Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper?

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I don’t know about you, but your description suggests that you did not get the carb count/insulin “right.” If pizza was just simple carbs, everything would probably be fine, but it can be very hard to predict. Pizza is all mixed with fat and it can sit in your stomach as a huge lump only to take revenger later.

Rice and cereal suck for me too. I don’t eat much pizza (gluten intolerant as well) but I’m convinced that french fries are the devil. I’ve tried extended bolus (I’m on Omnipod) but haven’t really figured it out since fries spike me like 4-5 hours later? UGH. I’d PAY for any secret formulas out there to make it work :slight_smile:

My plan for eating pizza is not perfect, but allows me to have it once in a while (like this last weekend). With Celiac Disease, I start with Amy’s rice crust, adding some protein and veggies. Not too many slices and always with an added salad. Dual wave when I’m on the pump. More often I’m on MDI, so then I take 1/2 of the bolus in Apidra 15-20 minutes before eating, followed by the other half in Regular afterwards. Also a little red wine helps keep the BG normal! Cheers.

Lila , I totally get what you are saying …I did a full marathon in Rome 2006; Hubby treated me to a 9 day bus tour , travelled by myself and ate at least 2 pizza meals …the crust is totally different from the North American meal plan …my highlight as well …lets all go to Italy :slight_smile:

I like super-thin crust too, although I look at it as a Central Illinois thing, rather than an Italy thing? Unfortunately, we moved to the land of deep-dish, near Chicago a couple of years ago. We tried a bunch of carryout places and have an ok one but the extra or ultra thin crust frozen ones are pretty good and like 30G of carbs for 1/3 of a pizza? urp