Pizza Phenomenom

I know there is DP… but is there PP?

When V has pizza for lunch (which he has done twice in the last 6 weeks) he bg shoots way up and stays there for hours.

These are the thin-crusted, European pizzas. I realize that we may be way off on the carb count, but nothing seems to bring the numbers down for about 6 hours. He keeps correcting… the numbers don’t budge.

Does this happen to other people?

Are there other foods that also do this - that we can be forewarned about? (Accepting the fact that it is all unique)

If you are eating a full size European thin crust pizza, this has about 90-120g of carbs. I do eat them on occasion and my blood sugar is not perfect after it, but I prevent extreme highs by giving two injections:

I give 60-75% of the insulin needed to cover the pizza before eating it, then the remaining 25-40% two hours after eating.

Pizza will continue to raise my blood sugar for 6 hours after eating. So I try to not eat it within 6 hours of when I plan to go to bed. So if I need to correct I am able to correct before bed. So eating them for lunch is probably a better idea than dinner.

It is likely that he just needs a lot more insulin for this than he usually takes.

Pizza is well known to be a problem. This is because the high fat content slows digestion. Any food that has a lot of fat and carbs can do this, but Pizza is the most notable.

Kristen’s suggestion is a good one.

A single slice of Domino’s type Large or Extra Large pizza can have as much as 50-60 grams in the crust. So you can end up eating surprising amounts of carbs eating normal portions of pizza.

What you might do is suggest not eating the whole crust. Get pizza with a lot of toppings (or extra cheese) and eat at most half the crust. This gives the same experience as eating all the crust.

Some people who eat low carb will simply get a pizza with lots of toppings and eat no crust at all. This works very well for many.

Sometimes I eat 1 slice of white cheese pizza for lunch. I love the effect it has on my bg. My bg stays flat for the rest of the day. When I look at my CGM I cannot even tell that I ate. No other food has this stabilizing effect. Too bad I cannot eat pizza every day. When I ate pizza every day my cholesterol took a turn for the worse.

That sounds like a great solution! We don’t go out to lunch very often, and even more rarely for pizza - maybe 3 or 4 times a year. But we hate to give them up completely. We’ll try this next time - I say we because I would not be able to have one unless he could also ;-))

Our pizza’s don’t have a lot of toppings like the American versions… I have suggested that he not eat the outer crust. Maybe next time he’ll listen ;-))

His favorite is anchovy… I make him sit down wind… or at another restaurant…

on the pump I also set a dual wave for about 4 to 6 hours… on shots I would split the insulin in half and and take it 2.5 hours later… if not I always went low and then way high several hours later.