Allergic reaction to adhesive?

I know quite a few of you have noticed a difference with the stickiness of the new G4 Sensors. Has anyone noticed skin reactions from it that they didn't experience with the previous 7 + sensors?

I'm going to be honest....I haven't had the best of luck with the G4 since I started. My first two sensors started the "???" on days 4-5, and I was unable to recover them with all my tricks (letting it go out of range, restarting the sensor etc. etc), and now I am having reactions to the tape.

I never had reactions to the previous sensors, but I am with this one. I kind of want my old 7+ seemed more accurate for me(I very rarely got "???" on the 7+), and the tape didn't bother me like this one seems to be.

I am trying the sensor on the back of my arm to see if things might be better there. However, I am frustrated with how the first month seems to be going. I was happily using the 7+ for 2 1/2 years with no real issues like this.

Have you tried putting SkinTac down on your skin and letting it dry before putting the sensor on?

If I put a sensor on without SkinTac, I get blisters. No problems with SkinTac, and the sensor tape doesn't start to pull off until well after the 7 days, even with going in the hot tub almost every night.

You should also try Smith & Nephew's "Skin-Prep" - it's not the same thing as their "I.V. Prep", and it's made for exactly this purpose: providing a barrier between long-term appliance adhesives and skin.

Before I found it, I got actual blisters from Dexcom adhesives (the original, and the "Seven" as well). Try both "SkinTac" and this one to find which product does a better job for you. It's the same application procedure as Mark highlighted - you let it dry completely before setting the Dexcom adhesive pad on top.

Thank you both for your advice! I didn't even think of trying Skintac or skinprep. I used Skintac years ago when I was on the Omnipod for a few months...I didn't even think of that.

Can you get SkinTac from a Walgreens do you think? I'd like to get a box before ordering online to see what will work.

Thank you again!

eta: My arm sensor seems good so hopefully, it lasts!

So far I haven't had a reaction, but I had problems with the adhesive not sticking well. I currently have my sensor stuck down with two pieces of IV 3000. The top edge was peeling back as soon as I applied it.

"Skin-Prep" also helps with that problem. My tape, "Opsite Flexifix" consistently stays down for the life of the Sensor. That's 2 weeks for me (YMMV, of course.) If the Sensor lifespan was even better, I've no idea how much longer the "Skin-Prep under, Flexifix over" combination COULD last.

I apply Skin-Prep across the entire area, including the skin which will be covered by FlexiFix. There's no need to leave any sort of hole for the wire, the presence of Skin-Prep (properly dried) has no effect on accuracy or Sensor lifespan. I use 3 rectangular pieces of Flexifix , each about one inch wide: Shorter ones along the short sides, applied first, and then a longer one, across the top. I don't apply a Flexifix over the bottom "long side" of the Dexcom pad, because it seems unnecessary.

If you do back-of the arm (vertical instead of horizontal), then you'll want to put down the top and bottom "short" pieces after the longer sides.