Allergy affecting BG

I’m new to diabetes and have a lot of questions at the moment, but one of the main problems I’m struggling with is my allergy to UV. This causes me to develop a rash when I’m out in the sun, and feel bad, headachey etc.
I had this quite badly for most of last week, and all the time I had it my BG was high (between 12 and 17 mmol/l).
this may be a stupid question, but next week I’m going to be doing A LOT of exercise, and be out in very strong sun. do I need to put up my insulin to bring down the sugar and still eat more carbs before the exercise, or if the sugar is high because of this is it okay to exercise without consuming extra sugar and not take extra insulin to take it down? I’m confused ¬_¬. has anyone else had a similar problem?

I am type 2, but I can tell you not feeling good can pop up your BGs. And I do know you will have to drink LOTS of water! Dehydration is a very big problem for diabetics.

when you exercise, you need to test your blood sugar more aften so you won’t go low… Test your BG before you start to exercise… then I test every hour when I’m walking at the mall and when I know I’m going to do lots of exercise for the day… If you’re going to be out in the sun then you need to put sunscreen on or a long sleeve shirt and long pants to protect yourself if you have allergy to the sun… Take snacks just in case of a low sugar… exercise will low your blood sugar… Don’t forget that… Good Luck! Have a GREAT Time…