Allergy to pump set?

So I use a minimed and I wear the quickset site, and about a week ago I changed my site from my stomach and noticed it was red and itchy where the tape had been. I’ve changed the site twice since then on my lower back, and have not had the same experience.

Could I have a localized allergy all of a sudden to my stomach and nowhere else?

Also, the dry skin hasn’t gone away, it hasn’t worsened, but hasn’t improved all that much. Any suggestions? It’s really dry and a little discolored.


Hi Carly,
I’m the queen of allergies from infusion sets. Interesting that you’re okay in some places and not your tum. How long have you been pumping? My doc suggested recently that it could be (in my case and maybe yours?) that your immune system tolerates certain tapes etc for a while and then one day has enough and reacts. Is this the first time you’ve used your back as a site?

I find that switching infusion set types regularly (and hence the adhesives) helps, as does putting a layer of “Friar’s Balsam” between my skin and the tape. I prefer it to the medical wipes on the market and it does seem to help.

I hope you find something that works :slight_smile:

Where on your stomach were you wearing your set? I find if I wear it too close to the waistband, not on it, it tends to get irritated more. Remember to also change your set on or before day 3. Try putting a bit of Neosporin on the area to help it heal or a lotion with a bit of aloe vera.

I use the silhouette sets and use both a barrier wipe and then the IV prep.

I have absolutely no good advice except that I’m very allergic to adhesive, and my guess is that’s what the problem is, rather than anything else in the set. When my daughter was born, I had a 4x4 bandaid on my back from the epidural, followed by a red 4x4 itchy patch that was torture. I’m not at all surprised that it’s worse in some locations than others.