Tape allergies

This is my daughter’s second day pumping. Things going well and using Inset 30 but we are having problems with skin getting red and sore under the tape. Tried using Skin Prep today. Anyone have same problem and any suggestions.

My 5 yo (dx 10.26.09) has similar issues, especially if we have the site on the back of his arm. I rotate his sites from the buttocks to the arms (his belly just does not have enough meat yet) and apply neosporin afterwards if there is any irritation and it seems to help.
We also use the IV 3000 adhesive which is less irritating than the Tegaderm. I hope this helps. Please post if you find a product that helps.
Good luck :slight_smile:

i have the same problem with almost all pump sites (and even band-aids). I dont get any reaction from the Cleo90 sets though. And I think there was 1 other set that didnt bother me either, but I dont remember the name.
Hope it works out!

My son is 4. The inset 30s seem to be fine but tegaderm turns his skin red and so does the plastic part of the tape on Cleo. The Cleo clear tape actually makes red tiny raised pimples on his arm. Perhaps the arm is sensitive on him. All in all, every person’s skin is different.

Try getting free samples from the companies. If you are in Canada, www.insulinpumps.ca is where I got all my free samples. I like the micro orbits for my 4 year old. 5.5mm, 31 gauge, 90 steel cannual. You have to prep the skin with THEIR alcohol wipe to activate the stickyness. There was no pulling of hair when you took it off, no red and no skin prep is allowed to be used because body heat makes it sticky.

Good luck

I haven’t tried it but a friend of mine suggested spraying Benadryl before I put the set on - she used that on her daughter.

Thanks so much to everyone for your replies. I switched to Accu Chek Rapid D today to see if they are any better. Will try all of your hints if we continue to have problems. Luv this site!!

This may sound like a stupid question but we are only 4 days into this new venture and I am really green. I have ordered the IV3000 and would I just put it on the skin before I put the infusion and it does not interfere with the infusion of the cannula? From what I understand the IV3000 is a tape as well is it not? I think most of the problem is that my daugher’s skin is so dry that the sets are sticking like crazy glue and perhaps not an allergy to the tape. She actually cries when I am changing the infusions so I am try to moisturize her skin as much as I can and then run the risk of the lotion not allowing the site to stick - catch 22!

I had problems with IV3000 peeling off a layer of skin and turning my skin completely red in warm weather… Tegaderm HP worked for me… for some reason the “enhanced” adhesive didnt react badly with my skin and just used some unisolve to remove it…Its very much a trial and error thing… Have you tried either the Orbit infusion sets OR a Cleo 90? (oops someone beat me to it)

Another tape to try is Opsite Flexifix, it comes in a roll, cut a piece and just insert through it… when using any iv3000 or other barrier tape, its good to have the person stand up to put it on, or it gets uncomfortable if you bend at all and can hurt quite badly
Not supposed to use skin prep with Orbits however…

We have been trying Orbits and my daugher really likes them but we are having trouble with them not sticking well. We are using skin wipes that are provided with them but still are having some problems. Any other suggestions…??

How ironic. We use OrbitMicros, and our biggest problem is the tape sticking like the devil. We just stick 'em on without skin prep and take them off with Unisolve.

I have a severe tape allergy. I use both IV prep and then BARD on the site before I insert the set (use Rapid-D). Using both has keep me from having any trouble. The few places I use the IV3000, I still use IV prep and BARD beforehand.