Allergy to sensor wire?

Hi everyone, I’ve got a strange and itchy situation. I wore my first sensor for 2 weeks with no problem at all. It was great. Then it fell off and I took about a 3 day break before inserting the next one. In between, I came down with a wicked case of bronchitis and was put on antibiotics. Yesterday, 3 days after inserting the new sensor, it starts itching like nobody’s business. So I pull it out. Then the OLD site, which is now 6 days old, gets all itchy and inflamed. Now I’m not wearing any sensors, but I’ve got two little itchy bites from the wires.

Has anyone heard of an allergy to the wire? Could this have something to do with my illness or the antibiotic? Should I just give it a few days and try again?


I’ve never heard of that but I do know some CGM users are allergic to the sensor tape. I had terrible itchiness until I started using Skin-Prep over the site before inserting the sensor. I uses the Skin=Prep swab over the area, let it dry and then inserted the sensor. I have not had any more problems. I also use extra tape around the sensor as seen in the Dexcom manual. I use Skin-Prep on the areas wher that tape is placed too. That extra tape keeps the sensor from falling off. It stays in place for two wwke. I use a sensor for 14-15 days, then the numbers are no longer accurate.

When I first saw you note in my email, I was thinking it was the same thing I had noticed. I have noticed a little tingle every five minutes or so when the transmitter reads the current produced by the wire. I notice this with some sensor placements and not others. I was chatting with a physiologist and our conjecture is the small current produced by the sensor is inducing a current into a nerve. This does not seem to be what you are describing but I wanted to put it out in case it turns out to be so.

I am a little like Richard157 in going for the tape, but your symptoms do not support a tape irritation. You may wish to make your pharmacist do some HARD work. Dig out the chemicals on the Dexcom sensor and take them to your pharmacist. Have them research any known interactions or possible interactions between the antibiotic and the sensor ingredients. Two other points: 1) any acetaminophen? and 2) are you certain both wires came out completely?

Hi - I do get itchy after about 4 days. It’s definitely from the wire and not the “sticky”. It stays at a tolerable level for the 7 day period but I am always a bit relieved to pull it out. I have not had your severity and I’m not aware that I’ve ever actually gotten a bacterial infection from it. Are you allergic to certain metals? I can’t wear most jewelry, especially earrings, if they have any nickle in them. Mt Dexcom rep said she has heard of this before. I’m living with it because of the benefits of Dexcom but I an=m sorry your case seems so severe Lizzie.