Itching on sensor site

I have been using Dexcom for 3 years and I never had a problem with itching on the sensor site until this year. Has anyone had the same experience? I read here that others start itching after 7 - 14 days of the same sensor.
My itching has become so bad that it starts itching within the first 24 hours. It gets so bad it has become unbearable. When I remove the sensor I have bright red oozing not only where the adhesive was, but in the surrounding area. It takes weeks to heal.
I only use the sensor on the stomach because Dexcom told me they are only approved to tell us to use it there.
Does anyone know if the itching will vary if it is inserted in a different area?
Does anyone have ideas on how to stop the itching?
I thought maybe Dexcom had changed the adhesive to make it produce itching after a week, since that is the amount of time we are supposed to wear it, so that we would not wear them longer. They said no.
I feel totally dependent on CGM now, whenever I don’t have one implanted, I have no idea where my sugars are, my sugars seem to have no logical course, so I am all over the place.
I do worry because I live in the rainforest of Costa Rica where it is hot and humid year round and it is easy to get infections. Has anyone had to get treatment for an infection from Dexcom’s sensor adhesive?
Sorry this is so long, I am thrilled to have found this group, I have been a loner with my diabetes for 16 years in Costa Rica. Before moving here I lived in the states and there was lots of support.
Thanks very much!


I itch more in hot and humid for sure. Try wiping area with alcohol pad before insertion. Then I cut out tegaderm to put over the tape/not the transmitter. If I start to itch, I put arnica around the site, witch hazel or tea tree oil. Atrange that it just started after 3 years.

On another note…when hot and humid, I find my insulin tends to fry. Not working as well.

I’m finding your story combined with Caleb’s making it hard to believe they haven’t changed anything though they told us the same thing. I suppose it’s possible that people can become sensitive after time, but the timing of you and Caleb (and others seem to be coming out of the woodwork) is interesting.

Caleb started using it in September and about 3 months ago started having the exact reaction that you describe. It’s bad. We have tried several things:

  • Putting IV3000 under the site
  • Using Bard’s wipes under the site
  • Using Opsite Flexifix under the site
  • Using IV Prep
  • Using Skin Prep
  • Using Skin Tac
  • Using anti bacterial soap
  • Drying the tape with a cool hairdryer after getting it wet

Finally I combined them all and his last site was improved, although hardly good - just not awful.

We’ve spoken to DexCom and his endo with no other suggestions.

This last site we had to take off after about 5 days not because of the itch - Caleb was tolerating the itch, but it seems moisture gets trapped underneath and “festers” like sweaty sneakers (sorry).

My daughter had the same problem with her Omnipod pump. It was fine then suddenly she was itching like crazy,with red oozing sores, and just miserable. Omnipod swore they didn’t change anything with their adhesive, but I saw on here that lots of people were having problems with it and their Dexcom as well. We finally got her sites cleared up using Polysporin and then when the sites were no longer red and cracked, AmLactin lotion to get the rough skin smooth again, and applying Tegaderm ( skin adhesive you order online) under the adhesive.
She started on the Dexcom a month ago so we started using Tegaderm under the sensor too knowing that we had limited sites to work with and I had read on here that people were having the same problem with that adhesive. We cut a hole in the Tegaderm where the insertion site is, place it on her skin, then place the sensore on top of it. So far, she hasn’t had any problems with adhesive reactions. She only uses it on her tummy and always applies AmLactin daily to the old site to keep her skin smooth.
It took us two months to get her skin cleared up and I am so happy we found something that works. I hope it works for you as well!

Thank you all so much! I am so relieved to hear that there is hope! I will try it all! I was feeling so hopeless about it all and now I have hope. Thanks again.

Have you been able to see any improvement? I was recently pointed to an adhesion “tips” PDF on Insulet’s site. It some some barriers I hadn’t heard of before. It the first PDF listed.

I am using Tegaderm and still have itching but not like before.
The Tegaderm pealed up yesterday, and I had to use tape to keep the sensor from coming out but it is better.
I went to my doctor last night because I also have an itching rash on my neck and chest. He said it was because of the allergy to the adhesive, that it travels. He gave the the spanish words for it and it is something dermatitis.
Anyhow, I am thrilled that I have Tegaderm now and prescribed something like benadryl to take at night to keep the allergy down. I will post more as time goes on to see if it gets better and better. I am hoping!