Almost a HUGE mistake!

The thought of what I almost did is very scarey! My reading glasses broke so, I thought I could wing it without them. I was entering the amount of carbs into my pump and instead of pressing the up button I pressed the down button and it showed 300 carbs! Good thing I decided to put my "one arm glasses" on because the wizard suggested 41u!!! Hmmm...wonder what goodies I would have eaten to compensate 41u! haha

Yikes! I guess that's what the "max bolus" setting is for... I got that alarm for the first time the other day. (I'm pregnant and am taking about 1.5 times the insulin I was before... and it will keep going up from here.)

I had to bolus for lunch in two doses! But it's good to know it would have stopped you, if you have it set, One my minimed it's called "max bolus", and is under "bolus setup."

Oh, I forgot all about the MAX Bolus setting! Thanks for the reminder! I checked it just to make sure I did have it set and it was on. So, it wouldn't have been so bad afterall. LOL

Soooo, is it a boy or girl???? OR maybe BOTH??? hehe

Let's do the math. 300 carbs/4 carbs per Dex4 tablets - that's 75 glucose tabs. In other words you have to eat a bottle of 50 tabs and half of another to compensate. Ugh! By the way, the grape ones are nasty! Don't forget your peepers next time!

I actually like the grape ones. But, I don't like them enough to eat a bottle and a half of them! LOL

I'll be going get a new pair of peepers tomorrow! pronto