Alpha Lipoic Acid and Hypos

I started taking Alpha Lipoic Acid as a homeopathic supplement and have noticed greater sensitivity to insulin. Has anyone else experienced this or should I be searching for something else as a cause to more hypoglycemic episodes?

As a homeopathic remedy? Where did you get it in this form? I’ve only seen it sold as supplement capsules.Yes, ALA can lower BG & cause hypos. The most effective form is R-ALA & it’s expensive.

I’ve been taking it for several months, and have noticed no difference at all. But I looked at the label, and it doesn’t say what form it is, so maybe it’s the ineffective form.

Isn’t ALA used to help with neuropathy? If so, what is a good dose?

If it doesn’t say R-ALA, then it’s regular ALA.

Yes, it’s used for neuropathies. ALA helps rebuild the myelin sheath of nerves. Depending on the severity of the neuropathy, about 600 mg daily in divided doses.

I took it for a few months, but did not notice any big change in my blood sugars. I took R-ALA and then Insulow.